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  • clavus
    Definition: (noun) A hard thickening of the skin (especially on the top or sides of the toes) caused by the pressure of ill-fitting shoes. Synonyms: corn. Usage: Years of wearing uncomfortable stilettos had left a large clavus on her foot. Discuss
  • flapjack
    Definition: (noun) A flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle. Synonyms: flannel-cake, battercake, flapcake, hotcake, pancake, griddlecake. Usage: His flapjacks were so thin and light that they could have passed for crêpes.

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  • trunk
    billet - A civilian house where soldiers are lodged temporarily; a billet is also a thick piece of wood, from Latin billa/billus, "branch, trunk." More...trunk - As a box or chest, it was originally made from a tree trunk. More...bole - Another name for the trunk of a tree. More...stocky - A derivative of stock, […]
  • hire
    freelance - Comes from the knights whose lances were free for hire and who were not pledged to one master; originally, a freelance was a free companion or a person free of occupational or political party obligation or allegiance. More...hire - As a noun, it originally meant the payment for the use of something. More...claque […]
  • phenomena
    cosmology - The study of the world as a totality of all phenomena in space and time. More...noology - The science of intuition and reason as phenomena of the mind. More...ontology, phenomenology - Ontology is the branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature or essence of being or existence, the opposite of phenomenology, the science […]