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  • have (someone's) number on it
    To be considered the agent or instrument of one's fate, especially leading to death. Watch the video
  • hard-luck story
    A typically self-pitying tale of misfortune, hardship, adversity, etc., told especially to gain sympathy or charity from others. Watch the video

RSS Word of the Day

  • shoestring
    Definition: (noun) Marked by or consisting of a small amount of money. Synonyms: shoe string. Usage: The manager was expected to run the department on a shoestring budget, so to save money, he fired a few a few of the salesmen and accountants. Discuss
  • prosaic
    Definition: (adjective) Straightforward; not fanciful or imaginative. Synonyms: matter-of-fact. Usage: It is to be a cold, prosaic, matter-of-fact business proposition.

RSS Word Origins

  • hunting
    park - Originally a legal term for land held by royal grant for the keeping of game animals for royals to hunt. More...sealer, sealing - A sealer is a seal hunter and seal hunting is called sealing. More...half-cocked - Comes from hunting; a gun at half cock is in the safety position—so it came to […]
  • marking
    pastry wheel, pastry jagger - A pastry wheel or pastry jagger is a handled tool with a thin sharp wheel, used for marking and cutting rolled-out dough. More...stocking - A white marking on the lower part of a horse's leg. More...on the dot - Probably a reference to the minute hand of the clock being […]
  • vomit
    brash - A euphemism for vomit. More...retch, wretch - Retch is the verb to vomit or gag; wretch is a noun for a pitiable person. More...spew - First meant "vomit." More...vomit - From Latin vomere. More...