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  • hold up (one's) end (of the bargain)
    To fulfill or attend to one's obligation(s) or promise(s) as agreed; to do one's agreed part in some arrangement. Watch the video
  • Hell hath no fury like a (certain type of person) scorned
    No one will have a greater wrath or vengeance than (this type of person) when he or she has been wronged. A hyperbolic and often humorous play on the phrase "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," in which any person, demographic, or profession may be substituted for "woman." Watch the video

RSS Word of the Day

  • phagocyte
    Definition: (noun) A cell, such as a white blood cell, that engulfs and absorbs waste material, harmful microorganisms, or other foreign bodies in the bloodstream and tissues. Synonyms: scavenger cell. Usage: The doctor was fond of referring to phagocytes as "sanitation workers." Discuss
  • beebread
    Definition: (noun) A brownish substance consisting of a mixture of pollen and honey and used by bees as food. Synonyms: ambrosia. Usage: The worker bees prepared the beebread, which was then fed to the larvae.

RSS Word Origins

  • pen
    lapsus calami, lapsus memoriae - A lapsus calami is a slip of the pen; a lapsus memoriae is a slip of the memory. More...ruling pen - A type of pen used in graphic design and calligraphy for drawing precise lines of various thicknesses. More...nom de plume - Literally "name of the pen," meaning "pseudonym." More...trait […]
  • nap
    nap - A pretend hit or strike in a theatrical performance. More...teasel - A tool for raising the nap of something. More...crushed velvet - Has its nap pointing in different directions in irregular patches. More...nap - As in a short sleep, it comes from Old English hnappian, "to sleep lightly." More...
  • snort
    chortle - Probably a blend of chuckle and snort, coined by Lewis Carroll. More...frump - Also means a snort or a sneer or jeer. More...snore, snort - Like snort, which originally meant "snore," snore is from a Germanic base imitative of the sound. More...whoofle - To snort, gurgle, or snuffle. More...