A vocabulary is a set of words.  Your vocabulary is made up of all the words that you know.  Be sure to learn new words in your language as well as English.

Words are free.  Words are power.  Some of the most powerful words in the world:  "We the People..." from the United States Constitution.

OneLook Dictionary

The OneLook Word of the Day is
  • timeous

    adjective: In good time.

  • yealing

    noun: Someone who is the same age as oneself.

  • witching hour

    noun: Midnight.

  • meridian

    noun: 1. A line connecting the North Pole to the South Pole or a circle passing through the two poles. 2. Midday. 3. The highest point, as of power, prosperity, development, etc. adjective: 1. Relating to a meridian. 2. Relating to midday. 3. Relating to the highest point of someone's power, prosperity, development, etc.

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Vocabulary Section

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