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    • Civics
      This is a place to write about ideas and concepts related to the US: history, government, laws, and democracy.  It is not about politics, political parties, or politicians.  It is about the things that define a country.  There also are things about other countries too; to compare with the U.S.
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    • Describe Pictures
      boats_in_tubingen-wallpaper-2560x1600Practice writing and describing what you see.  There are pictures here of different things for you to look and write about what you see.  Write about the colors, shapes, places, things, and people that you see
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    • Story Pictures
      A boy in Afghanistan playing with bubles...afghan-boy-bubbles

      This area is to write about pictures that have stories or ideas about them.  You can answer the questions or write your own ideas about what you see.

      Everyone is welcome to write!

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