VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English Videos

Voice of America (VOA)  has a big section/site called Learning English.   The website has learning English at 3 levels.  You can use the English site, or the VOA Learning English in your language.  It has special features, stories – lots of video and audio.   There is a section in which news  stories are presented with subtitles called “Learning English TV“.  Learning English uses a limited vocabulary and are read at a slower pace than VOA’s other English broadcasts.  In the Learning English site you will also find quizzes, word of the day with a quiz, the day in photos, pronunciation, English in a Minute, podcasts, American history, culture and more.

 This is a mix of all of the latest 100 videos from VOA Learning English.

There are many different things in the videos – learning new words, idioms and slang,  Grammar Check, English in a Minute, Talk2US, news stories…take a look!  Click on the word “Playlist” in the upper lefthand corner of the video to see a menu.

[iframe http://youtu.be/dff4y1Uhg0c?list=UUKyTokYo0nK2OA-az-sDijA]