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  • sounding board
    A person or group with whom one discusses an idea, plan, or suggestion in order to evaluate its strengths, acceptability, feasibility, practicality, etc. Watch the video
  • soaked to the bone
    Extremely or completely wet, especially through one's clothing. Watch the video

RSS Word of the Day

  • dropsy
    Definition: (noun) Swelling from excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous cavities. Synonyms: edema, hydrops. Usage: I must tell you that this thickness and roundness of the waist is caused by a dropsy brought on by over-haste in journeying from the house of Pilate to the Mount of Olives. Discuss
  • constellate
    Definition: (verb) To form or cause to form a group or cluster. Synonyms: cluster, flock, clump. Usage: The poets constellate in this town every summer.

RSS Word Origins

  • heap
    mogul - A small mound of snow on a ski course, from Old Norse mugl, "little heap." More...congeries - A Latin word meaning "heap or pile of disparate items" or "disorderly collection." More...midden - Traces back to Scandinavian forms mog, "muck," and dynge, "heap," and first meant "dunghill" before it denoted a prehistoric or historic […]
  • limit
    T'ai Chi - Short for T'ai Chi Ch'uan, it is Chinese for "extreme limit" or "great supreme absolute," and constitutes the source and limit of life force. More...
  • runner
    runner - A blade of a skate or sled. The supports on which a drawer slides are also called runners. More...dromedary, Bactrian - A one-hump camel is a dromedary (from Latin, meaning "swift camel," from Greek dromas, "runner") and a two-hump camel is a Bactrian (from Bactria in Asia). More...cursor - First meant "runner" or […]
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