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  • arboreous
    Definition: (adjective) Abounding in trees. Synonyms: woodsy. Usage: Oregon's arboreous landscape is both beautiful and serene. Discuss
  • cerebrate
    Definition: (verb) Use or exercise the mind or one's power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments. Synonyms: cogitate, think. Usage: As they surveyed the damage, Jonathan did not ask his father how he would fix the tree house, instead allowing him stare and cerebrate in silence.

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  • swine
    gruntle - Can be used for swine, meaning "to make a little grunt." More...pig - Originally meant just "young pig" until the 16th century—the word in Old and Middle English for the animal was swine. More...swine - The collective (and ancestral) term for domesticated pigs and hogs; a hog is 120 pounds and ready for […]
  • swindle
    confidence trick - First a swindle in which the victim was persuaded to entrust money or valuables to the swindler. More...swindler, swindle - Swindler and swindle are from German Schwindler, "promoter of wild schemes; cheat." More...chizz - To chizz someone is to cheat or swindle them. More...honeyfugle, honeyfuggle - To honeyfugle or honeyfuggle is to […]
  • torment
    aghast - From a verb agastea, "frighten," based on an Old English word meaning "torment." More...cruciation - Another word for torment or torture. More...crux - Originated as a reference to a real cross and its association with torment and trouble. More...dretch - To torment. More...
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