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  • land of plenty
    A fictional or imagined utopian place where there is an abundance of everything needed to survive and flourish. Watch the video
  • don't shoot the messenger
    Don't get angry at or punish someone who is simply delivering bad or undesirable news, as he or she is not responsible for it. Watch the video

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  • monotonous
    Definition: (adjective) Tediously repetitious or lacking in variety. Synonyms: humdrum. Usage: Spending eight hours a day on an assembly line is monotonous work, but I am grateful to have a job. Discuss
  • headstrong
    Definition: (adjective) Determined to have one's own way. Synonyms: stubborn, willful, obstinate. Usage: Every man is in his youth impetuous, headstrong, and obstinate in maintaining his own opinion.

RSS Word Origins

  • ranch
    biscuit shooter - A waitress at a lunch counter or a cook on a ranch. More...dude, dude ranch - A dude is a city-dweller, especially one vacationing on a ranch—hence, dude ranch. More...ranch dressing - A creamy buttermilk-based dressing with garlic and other spices and herbs, developed at Hidden Valley Ranch in Santa Barbara in […]
  • twigs
    drey - A squirrel's nest of twigs in a tree. More...broom - Was first called a besom, but evolved because many of them were made of twigs from the wild broom shrub. More...lop - The smaller branches and twigs of a tree. More...whiskers - Originally the word for a bundle of feathers, twigs, etc. used […]
  • justice
    high court - A supreme court of justice. More...attain - First meant "bring to justice." More...revenge, justice - Revenge is personal and justice is societal. More...blind justice - The Greek statue for justice is wearing a blindfold so she cannot see the bribes being offered to her, hence blind justice. More...
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