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  • have it large
    To engage in or seek out pleasurable, hedonistic activities with great enthusiasm or intensity, especially dancing and drinking alcohol. Primarily heard in UK. Watch the video
  • like piffy on a rock bun
    Conspicuous but ignored or left out, especially from a group or activity. (A "rock bun" or "rock cake" is a type of hard cake with currants; what "piffy" refers to is unknown.) Primarily heard in UK. Watch the video

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  • cacography
    Definition: (noun) Poor handwriting. Synonyms: scrawl, scribble, scratch. Usage: The pharmacist struggled to decipher Dr. Clark's cacography on my prescription and eventually had to call his office to get some clarification. Discuss
  • inconstancy
    Definition: (noun) Unfaithfulness by virtue of being unreliable or treacherous Synonyms: fickleness, falseness. Usage: If he does not return, instead of accusing him of the inconstancy which you insinuate, I will tell you that he died loving me and me only.

RSS Word Origins

  • sediment
    decant - Means to pour wine, taking pains not to disturb any sediment at the bottom; decant comes from Latin de- and canthus, "angular lip of a jug." More...allogenic, allochthonous - Geological material that has been transported and then accumulates elsewhere is allochthonous, and sediment carried by a river is allogenic. More...lithification - The process […]
  • holes
    caster - A container with holes in the top for sprinkling something like sugar or pepper. More...chad - A hole poked out of cards or paper. More...latebricole - Some animals are latebricole, living in holes. More...canal - The holes in a sponge are called canals. More...
  • promise
    devout, devote - Devout and devote come from Latin de- and vovere, "promise." More...fiance - French for "a promise." More...gage - In "engage," it means "pledge, promise." More...promise - Latin promittere originally meant "send forth," but evolved to mean "say in advance, foretell," and then "cause to expect," hence, promise. More...
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