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  • lore
    Definition: (noun) Accumulated facts, traditions, or beliefs about a particular subject. Synonyms: traditional knowledge. Usage: He had taught the children something of the forest lore that he had himself learned from Tiger Lily and Tinker Bell, and knew that in their dire hour they were not likely to forget it. Discuss
  • cocksure
    Definition: (adjective) Marked by excessive confidence. Synonyms: overconfident, positive. Usage: He was arrogant and cocksure but also sensitive and understanding, and I loved him dearly.

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  • trumpet
    kazoo, bazooka - Dutch bazu, "trumpet," gives us the words kazoo and bazooka, the latter originally being a form of kazoo that was a long sounding-horn. More...jubilee - Comes from Hebrew yobhel, "ram's horn," which was used as a trumpet to proclaim the jubilee, a year of emancipation and restoration (every 50 years). More...taratantara - […]
  • lapis lazuli
    azure stone - Another name for the lapis lazuli. More...lapis lazuli - A sky-blue semiprecious stone, it is pronounced lap-us-LAY-zuh-lee. More...sapphire - From Greek sappheiros, "lapis lazuli" or "blue stone." More...ultramarine - First a blue pigment made from lapis lazuli, imported from Asia by sea, so, in Latin, it was ultramarinus, "beyond the seas." More...
  • manuscript
    acephalous - A manuscript lacking a beginning could be called acephalous. More...autograph - Comes from Greek, then Latin autographum, meaning "self-written"; it originally meant "author's own manuscript." More...manuscript - Originally an adjective meaning "written by hand"; manuscript can refer to a handwritten piece of music. More...palimpsest - Can describe a manuscript or writing surface that […]
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