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  • have the mouth of a sailor
    To have a tendency or proclivity to use coarse, rude, or vulgar language. Watch the video
  • mouth-breathing
    (used before a noun) Dimwitted, foolish, or stupid; of low or stunted intelligence. Watch the video

RSS Word of the Day

  • high-toned
    Definition: (adjective) Pretentiously elegant. Synonyms: high-class. Usage: She felt awkward and out of place in the high-toned restaurant, with its elegant décor and elite clientele. Discuss
  • bequeath
    Definition: (verb) Leave or give by will after one's death. Synonyms: will, leave. Usage: He bequeathed all his silver to his children.

RSS Word Origins

  • pine
    Japanese garden - Often uses bamboo, mondo grasses, pine, and small pools of water containing koi. More...pine, pinecone - Pine, the tree, is from Latin pinus, from Indo-European pei-, "resin"; pinecones were originally called pineapples. More...pine, fir, spruce - Pine, fir, and spruce are quite different from each other, though they are all conifers; pine […]
  • possession
    have - Coming through Proto-Germanic khaben, it was from Indo-European kap-, meaning "possession." More...jouisance - Also spelled jouissance, it is another word for "enjoyment" or "possession or use of something." More...tenement - First meant "holding as a possession." More...white elephant - The name of this animal, which has an enormous appetite, has come to mean […]
  • roast
    rule the roost - Was first "rule the roast," as it referred to the master of the house who sat at the head of the table. More...steak - Seems to be related to Old Norse steikja, "roast on a spit," and stikna, "be roasted." More...dry roast - To roast without oils. More...rotisserie - First meant […]
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