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  • within arm's reach
    Close enough to touch, either literally or hypothetically. Easily attainable. Watch the video
  • with (one's) head held high
    Displaying pride and confidence, often (but not always) after something has gone wrong. Watch the video

RSS Word of the Day

  • enliven
    Definition: (verb) To make lively or spirited. Synonyms: animate, invigorate. Usage: They found her a charming companion, and her dancing and laughter...did much to enliven their journey and keep them contented. Discuss
  • daredevil
    Definition: (noun) One who is recklessly bold. Synonyms: harum-scarum, madcap, swashbuckler, hothead, lunatic. Usage: My nephew, daredevil that he is, decided to go surfing during yesterday's tropical storm.

RSS Word Origins

  • prune
    amputate - Comes from Latin ambi, "around," and putare, "to prune, trim." More...dried plum - Another name for a prune. More...preen - Generally thought to be an alteration of prune, "cut branches." More...purge - To purge a tree is to prune it; to purge a candle is to snuff it. More...
  • pillar
    gnomon, gnomonics - A gnomon is the pillar or rod that casts a shadow on a sundial; gnomonics is the art or science of dialing or of constructing dials to show the hour of the day by the shadow of a gnomon. More...pilaster - First referred to a square or rectangular column or pillar. More...pillar […]
  • melting
    fondue - Comes from French fondre, "to melt." More...relent, resolve - Relent and resolve originally meant "melt, dissolve" in literal (under the influence of heat) and figurative senses. More...eliquate - To melt or liquefy. More...clarify - To make clear by removing impurities or solid matter, as by heating gently; to purify butter by melting. More...
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