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  • undistinguished
    Definition: (adjective) Not worthy of notice. Synonyms: insignificant. Usage: In spite of a loud voice … and an implacable manner, he had been an undistinguished member of most of the existing aeronautical associations. Discuss
  • bilious
    Definition: (adjective) Irritable as if suffering from indigestion. Synonyms: dyspeptic, liverish. Usage: The man walked into my shop looking bilious and ill-tempered, and it was clear that my day was about to get a lot less pleasant.

RSS Word Origins

  • insertion
    graft, splice - A graft is one thing attached to another by insertion or implantation so it becomes part of it; a splice is the joining of two things end-to-end to make a new whole. More...pilot hole - A small hole drilled or hammered for the insertion of a nail or screw, or for drilling […]
  • unexpected
    visit, visitation - A visit is an instance of visiting; a visitation is an act of visiting, and carries the connotation of an unexpected or undesired occurrence. More...October surprise - An unexpected, but popular, political act made just prior to a November election, in an attempt to win votes. More...off the wall - Alludes to […]
  • spinning
    heckle - First a "flax comb" for splitting and straightening the fibers for spinning; its metaphorical sense developed from its verb form, "to mangle by cutting, to cut roughly." More...distaff side, spear side - The female side of a family is the distaff side—the distaff being a stick used for holding yarn when spinning; the […]
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