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  • mission creep
    The gradual expansion or widening in scope of a project, action, or task, especially a military operation, beyond its initial goal or objective. Watch the video
  • miss the mark
    To be slightly or somewhat mistaken, incorrect, or inaccurate. Watch the video

RSS Word of the Day

  • extortionate
    Definition: (adjective) Greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation. Synonyms: exorbitant, usurious, outrageous, steep, unconscionable. Usage: The extortionate price of designer clothes makes them all the more desirable to those that can afford them. Discuss
  • shenanigan
    Definition: (noun) Reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others. Synonyms: mischief, devilment, roguery, devilry, mischievousness, rascality. Usage: Mr. Jones had had enough of Billy's shenanigans and sent him to the principal's office in the hopes that she would be able to straighten the unruly student out.

RSS Word Origins

  • wire
    muselet - The wire that holds a champagne cork in place. More...reinforced concrete - Has wire or metal bars embedded to increase its tensile strength. More...down to the wire - Alludes to the imaginary wire at the finish line in a horse race. More...under the wire - Meaning "just in time," it is also from […]
  • plastic
    aglet - The plastic or metal covering on the end of a shoelace (formerly called the point) that makes it easier to thread through the eyelet holes. More...plastic - From Greek plastos, "to form, mold." More...plastic surgery - Dates to 1837; "plastic" is used in the sense of "molding, shaping." More...velo binding - A type […]
  • relax
    relax - From Latin re- and laxus, "lax." More...restive, restless - Restive means impatient or fidgety under pressure or restraint; restless is being uneasy, unquiet, or unable to relax or rest. More...creolize - To relax in an elegant fashion in a warm climate. More...rizzle - To relax after a heavy meal. More...
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