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  • if (one's) life depended on it
    Under any circumstances; no matter what. (Used almost exclusively with a negative statement regarding something that one couldn't or wouldn't do.) Watch the video
  • like (one's) life depends on it
    With maximum, possibly desperate, effort or energy (i.e., as if one is at risk of losing one's life if one fails). Watch the video

RSS Word of the Day

  • circumference
    Definition: (noun) The boundary line of a figure, area, or object. Synonyms: circuit. Usage: He had walked the full circumference of his land, repairing his fence along the way. Discuss
  • monitory
    Definition: (adjective) Conveying an admonition or a warning. Synonyms: admonitory, cautionary, exemplary, warning. Usage: She shot him a monitory glance and he quickly changed the subject to one less controversial.

RSS Word Origins

  • passion
    acokoinonia - Sex without passion or desire. More...excandescence - The state of being glowing hot, anger or passion. More...incense - Once meant to kindle any passion, good or bad. More...wrangle - To wrangle can mean "to scream with passion." More...
  • maintained
    petite maison - A love nest or a residence maintained for a mistress. More...standing army - A permanent army maintained in time of peace and war. More...parochial school - A school established and maintained by a religious body, from Latin parochialis, "of a parish." More...radio silence - A status in which all fixed or mobile […]
  • pointed
    apothegm - A terse, pointed saying or pithy maxim; it is pronounced AP-uh-them and may also be spelled apophthegm. More...downward-facing dog - Also called downward dog, it is a yoga pose in which the hands and feet are on the floor and one's rear end is pointed up so that the body is in an […]
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