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  • freak flag
    Any unconventional, nonconformist, or uninhibited behavior, convictions, opinions, or lifestyle choices that are unique to an individual. Watch the video
  • fork over the dough
    To pay, generally unwillingly, a certain amount of money. Watch the video

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  • overshadow
    Definition: (verb) To render insignificant or less important in comparison. Synonyms: eclipse, dominate. Usage: They were warlike little nations and defied, in those days, governments that overshadow them now as mountains overshadow molehills. Discuss
  • drowse
    Definition: (verb) Sleep lightly or for a short period of time. Synonyms: doze, snooze. Usage: Through one after another of those gray days Alexander drowsed and mused, drinking in the grateful moisture.

RSS Word Origins

  • inflammation
    pleuritis, pleurisy - Greek pleura, "side" or "rib," came to be used for the "inner lining of the chest; lungs," and pleuritis or pleurisy is the inflammation of this area. More...intertrigo - Inflammation caused by the rubbing of one area of skin on another. More...phlegm - Comes from Latin phlegma, "clammy moisture," and Greek phlegma, […]
  • silk
    floss - A word for untwisted filaments of silk used in making embroidery or satin. More...lame - A material consisting of silk or other yarns interwoven with metallic threads. More...scroop - The rustle of silk. More...tabby - The common tabby cat derives its name from silk with a wavy pattern, from Arabic utabi, the name […]
  • navel
    omphalos - From the Greek word meaning "navel"—for the round stone in the temple of Apollo at Delphi supposed to mark the center of the earth—it describes the center, heart, or hub of a place, organization, or sphere of activity. More...omphaloskepsis - Contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation. More...navel, umbilicus, belly button, […]
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