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  • be a loud mouth
    To have a tendency or habit of speaking incessantly, indiscreetly, and/or in a noisy, boastful manner. Watch the video
  • not be lost on (someone)
    To have a significant or noticeable impact or effect on someone; to be valued, appreciated, or understood by someone. Watch the video

RSS Word of the Day

  • inhale
    Definition: (verb) Draw in (air). Synonyms: breathe in, inspire. Usage: Every morning they go out to the yard, close their eyes, inhale the fresh mountain air, and meditate for an hour. Discuss
  • dissect
    Definition: (verb) To examine, analyze, or criticize in minute detail. Synonyms: analyze, break down, take apart. Usage: They dissected the plan afterward to learn why it had failed.

RSS Word Origins

  • tray
    salver - A tray or dish on which a drink, letter, calling card, etc. is offered. More...tray - The drawer for storing a body at a mortuary. More...trencher - A platter or tray for serving food. More...plateau - Can refer to an ornamented dish or tray for serving food. More...
  • touching
    adjoining - Implies meeting and touching at some point or line. More...tact, taction - Tact first referred to the sense of touch, from Latin tactus, "touch, sense of touch"; taction is the action of touching. More...contact - Its underlying notion is "touching," from Latin tangere, "touch." More...attinge, attingent - To attinge is to touch or […]
  • swallow
    glutton - Comes from Latin glutire, "to swallow." More...swallow one's teeth - To retract a statement. More...glut - The amount of liquid swallowed in a gulp. More...bolus, chyme - Bolus is chewed food ready for swallowing, and chyme is swallowed, partially digested food. More...
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