This section is a portal to the sources of materials I use to teach:  from handouts, grammar, information, online puzzle/matching/flashcard/quiz generators to teaching methodology.

  • Teach Link Library includes sources to articles, lesson plans, references, activities and ideas.
  • Resource Library  links to create your own online quizzes, worksheets and puzzles.  Also a text analyzer that evaluates level of text/generates vocabulary.
  • Worksheets  collected online that you can download free from my site: ESL Printables
  • Blogs for ESL Teachers- These are things of interest for teachers, online lessons, tips, ideas and articles.

Pages in this section:

ESL ED glossary

Glossary of terms relevent to the ESL profession. This glossary includes terms related to English , ESL , EFL , grammar ,TESOL , TEFL , pedagogy , and jobs. I took this ESL Education Glossary from BogglesWorldESL.com .  For my convenience and the ...

teachers' blog feeds

Tips, plans, activities, info and worksheet/handouts posted from blog feeds oriented towards ESL teachers, including resources for teaching in any classroom.   Note: some feeds have discontinued, I am searching new sources to update. [feedzy-rss feeds="Teach" ...

Resources Library

Sources for printables, references, and online tools to create your own material Links to sites that feature online tools and printouts.   Meaning they have a sizable quantity and variety of material.  Printouts that I collect for class are available o...
NYT Learning Network

NYT Learning Network

  Lesson plans presented as blog posts, based on New York Times article and features.  Very well done and interesting for students, as well as teachers.   While not specifically ESL, they are interesting enough as a source of ideas.  I especially li...

Lesson Plans

These are imported feeds of lesson plans and classroom activities.  This is not an archive, these entries are here for only a few weeks. [wp_rss_multi_importer category="14, 16"]