Word Type | Adjectives

Adjectives are words that describe people or things (nouns).

An adjective modifies a noun or pronoun. In this case, “modifies” means “tells more about.” Adjectives are words that describe things.

  • I planted orange flowers in the round pot.
  • The tiny rabbit nibbled the little carrots.
  • busy person is a hard worker.
  • I had big dinner with an important person.

Adjectives can answer the question “What kind?”

  • orange flowers, round pot
  • tiny rabbit, little carrots
  • busy person, hard worker
  • big dinner, important person


Question the adj and noun
What kind of flowers? orange flowers
What kind of pot? a round pot
What kind of rabbit? a tiny rabbit
What kind of person? a busy person
What kind of worker? a hard worker
What king of dinner? a big dinner
What kind of person? an important person



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