Intro to Basic Word Types

A word type tells us how to use the words in grammar.  They are called parts of speech.  There are many word types.  This course will show you a little about some of them.  You will learn more with other courses.

You study grammar because you want to speak and write well in a language.  You want people to understand what you say.  You want to be able to say your own ideas.  Not just memorize phrases.

Some “parts of speech” are more important to learn to begin to study a language.  These are the first word types you need to know.

The first important word types/parts of speech list:

  • nouns – things, people, places, ideas
  • verbs – actions or state of being
  • adjectives – describe nouns
  • articles – the, a, an

You will then learn a few more:

  • some prepositions – for relative times and positions: on, in, above, at, to, before, after, and many more
  • adverbs – describe verbs
  • pronouns – special nouns: I, he, we, it, them, us, and more
  • determiners – I will explain some of those later.

This is a beginning, an introduction, to word types/parts of speech.  There are other courses to learn more word types/part of speech.