Adverb Phrases

An adverb phrase is a group of words that serves the purpose as an adverb.

Remember: An adverb is a word used to modify a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

Study the examples given below.

Here the word ‘rudely’ explains how he behaved:

  • He behaved rudely. (Verb – behaved; adverb – rudely)

We can express the same idea using an adverb phrase.

Here the phrase ‘in a rude manner’ also explains how he behaved. As it modifies the verb it acts as an adverb:

  • He behaved in a rude manner.

More examples below:

  • I am typing now. (Here the adverb ‘now’ modifies the verb ‘am typing’)
  • I am typing at the moment. (Here the adverb phrase ‘at the moment’ modifies the verb ‘am typing’.)
  • Computers were expensive then. (Adverb – then)
  • Computers were expensive in those days. (Adverb phrase – in those days)
  • He fell down. (Adverb – down)
  • He fell to the ground. (Adverb phrase – to the ground)

Adverbs are used more in writing than speaking.  Study the adverbs and adverb phrases equivalent to them to add variety to your writing.

  • Bravely – in a brave manner or with bravery
  • Swiftly – in a swift manner, or with swiftness
  • Beautifully – in a beautiful style
  • Formerly – in former times, or once upon a time
  • Recently – just now or at a recent date
  • Soon – before very long
  • There – at the place