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Plant Your Tree - Hel World Breathe
Plant Your Tree – Help the World Breathe – Ahhoy Tree

Hi Everyone,

Why not try a project which can help the environment.

We are being told that the Amazon Rainforest (often called Lungs of the World) is disapearing at double the rate of previous estimates.
Forests in Central Europe are exploited at unprecedented speed leaving behind empty space. And deforestation in Asia is at record rates.

And there would probably be more of such examples. Aynway, we can keep on complaining and wasting our time talking about it or we can follow the young students and pupils who planted 21 trees in their school garden.

Would “planting a tree” be a better idea?
If so, whether an individual, a group of people or a school class: plant your tree in your town, village, garden, forest…

Make a photo or video.
Add a note in English:
Title: AHHOY TREE / Place / Name and number of your trees / Date / Gardener and use the following hashtags: #ahhoytree #plantyourtree #helpworldbreathe

And publish it on Instagram.

We will count and add Your Tree to our page TREES.

You can also drop a note about your tree at info at agilita dot org.

Yes, You Can Learn English and You Can Help the World .


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The USA and its two European allies launched airstrikes against Syria on Friday night.
The strikes should be the punishment of the Syrian Government and its President Assad for a suspected chemical attack near Damascus which happened last weekend.

Russia, which is a big supporter of the Assad regime, has warned the western world against any military attacks to be taken.

raid: a sudden attack on an enemy.
raid in other languages

You can read below what Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, wrote on his Twitter account about the situation.

The situation in the Middle East is in such chaos that it has become a threat to international peace and security. And today Syria represents the most serious dimension of that threat.

— António Guterres (@antonioguterres) April 14, 2018

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Students at the Florida high school, where the deadly shooting occurred in February, have been ordered to wear clear backpacks to school.

Students who do not have such bags can ask for one and it would be given to them at no cost.

This security measure is opposed by students as they claim there is no guaranty that it will prevent future attacks, but it can infringe the right to privacy.

to infringe: to violate, to break.
infringe in other languages

Please go to Students In Florida Must Have Transparent School Bags to view the quiz


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A group in Italy is preparing immigrants, mostly from Africa, for jobs as beekeepers. The group then helps to set-up meetings between these migrants and honey producers who need employees. International aid groups say European Union (EU) efforts to reduce the flow of migrants entering Europe is leaving some businesses short on workers. The aid group Oxfam says Italy alone will need over 1.6 million workers over the next 10 years. To deal with this issue, the Italian Cambalache Association created a project called “Bee My Job.” It trains migrant workers and refugees in beekeeping and finds them jobs in Italy's agriculture industry. Since being launched in 2014, the program has trained over 100 people, mostly from African nations south of the Sahara Desert. Learning about bees Bee My Job has helped people like Abdul Adan. He had never worked with bees before he migrated to Europe. In fact, his only interaction with a bee was when he was stung by one as a child back home in Senegal. The insect stung Adan in the mouth while he was eating fresh honey. Today, he has become one of the program's most successful trainees. He now seems very much at ease with the bees. He doesn't cover his hands as he touches the insects' homes and inspects their progress. “I said I have never done bee work, I was really scared that the bees would sting me and people would laugh and look at me, but afterward I… said I will learn, and maybe one day I can do it in my country.” Adan now works as a beekeeper in Alessandria, Italy. Mara Alacqua is the head of the Italian Cambalache Association. She says the Bee My Job project is never short on trainees. “Our beds are always full,” Alacqua said. “Every time a person leaves the [...]
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