Class Thursday, 14sept2017 H.

Nice weather in the shade. H and I sat outside at Starbucks under an umbrella.

Warm Up

We chat about the past week, if anything new or different had happened. It takes considerable effort to get the story straight, which is excellent work for the student. They are invested in communicating. I verbally correct – not strictly only the most awkward, provide common English phrasing or words, as we piece things together. This is useful conversion as it is something actually talk about.


Based on what one student tells me thru the Warm Up conversing, question and answer, I then write it on the board in simple, correct, English. I read aloud as I write and confirm with the student – using or rephrasing their words. The students copy the text. I watch for proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Each student reads the text aloud. I am meticulous about pronunciation and accuracy when they read this aloud. Including some inflection for periods – need to pause – and questions.


My sister cannot visit Austin. She had an accident in Taiwan. She broke her arm. She must go to Guatemala for an operation. She will be in Houston for one night. She will arrive in the afternoon but her bags will arrive the next morning. We will go out to dinner. We will stay in a hotel.




Then we do some verbal work with the text. I pick one or two of the following tasks. I ask a student to identify parts of speech or tenses, change the verb tenses or person (I, you, he, we, etc.) – no regard to it making contextual sense. I pick one tense or person for each student to do, each will in turn read and change the tense of each verb or pronoun in the paragraph. This includes possessive pronouns and objects.



Clarification: Time in grammar.
Time is very important when using verbs. The verb tense tells us about time. The tenses are time words-past, present, and future.

Basic Verb Tenses / Time Tenses

Past is any time before right now.
Present is right now. General statements like facts.
Future is any time after right now.

Past: yesterday, last week, 5 minutes ago
Present: right now, now, in general
Future: next month, tomorrow, in 10 minutes


Next Class for H

H. will write this on my social site ESL Buddies.
From the Places We Go booklet: We will read out loud and answer questions about the text – her choice.