Class, 11 July, 2016

Another hot day.  It is also windy and dry, so the shade is comfortable.



Might not, couldn’t, while, during


More Modal Verbs

These words are used in several ways.  The definitions can change.  Today were are using them like this:

Might not – not definite, future possibility not to occur.

Couldn’t, Could not – past inability, past tense of cannot.


They are always used with another verb.  Examples:

I might not go home after class.  I might go to the store after class.

He might not be home.  He might be at work.

They might not play with us.  They might study for the exam.

I couldn’t come to dinner yesterday.  I was too busy.



Used in different ways, in general it is about time.

While –  a preposition, during, at the same time

  • He called while we were eating dinner.
  • You can vacuum while I wash the dishes.
A while, a little while, for a while – a noun, period of time 
  • We will leave in a little while, in about 20 minutes.
  • I haven’t seen her in a while.  Not recently.
  • I need to sit down for a while, I’m tired.


Worksheet on might not and could not

Done and reviewed in class.