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Another hot day.  It is also windy and dry, so the shade is comfortable.   Vocabulary Might not, couldn’t, while, during Grammar More Modal Verbs These words are used in several ways.  The definitions can change.  Today were are using them like this: Might not – not definite, future possibility…

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Today is so nice!  It is cool, I am wearing long sleeves and pants.  Unusual for late May in central Texas.  It is very comfortable. We did several things today.  Here are some of them.  Grammar We reviewed a few Irregular Verbs.  Simple present and past only.  And translations. Eat,…

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I haven’t added new posts since March – April 2016.  The ones I created are blank and some didn’t show up on WP.COM.  Before I continue I need to see if this posts from  If not I need to see what the issue is. plugin CrossPost isn’t working.…

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These are the verbs that are used the most in English.  Each verb is a link to full conjugation and use. Most popular Verbs you should know go remember be eat have run see do can read play write think get say buy take speak come work know lie ride…

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Feb 29, 2016  2:39 PM A beautiful and very warm day.  I wore sandals today!   AGENDA ITEMS   1 Alphabet – spelling dictation   2 Grammar – pronouns   3 Review and rewrite papers   NOTES   Vocabulary Alphabet – spelling dictation I will say the words and I…

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