You can find something new to learn or try daily.  “Daily” means every day.   There are new things here every day.

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Russian spacesuits hang to dry.
Russian spacesuits hang to dry.

Daily English These are lessons to help speak and understand English better.  The articles help to show the how people usually speak English, and what they mean - beyond direct translations.  There is a longer lesson with each of these phrases.  Go to...

phrasal verbs | daily

There are verbs that have different meanings when put with other words.  You have to learn these, they do not mean the same thing as they look.

grammar | daily

These blogs have ideas, information, lessons, and exercises on grammar.

idioms | daily

These are idioms, proverbs, and sayings.   They are things that people say that may not be easily translated.  They have more meaning than just the words.  And they are things people say a lot.  There are sayings and proverbs in every language.  These are  ...

Today's Articles

Here are new things to learn about.  There is something new to read every day.  There are quotes from important people, holidays, history, and articles. If you do not understand the article in English check  Wikipedia in ...

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