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On a hot day in 2016, Tracey Beaver and three friends drove to the town of Grants, New Mexico to buy alcoholic drinks. On the return trip, Beaver lost control of his truck and hit a wall on the side of the road. Two of his passengers were thrown onto the road and killed. The two were sisters. Their mother was one of the emergency medical workers who went to help those injured in the accident. Police tested Beaver's blood alcohol level and found it was two times the legal limit. He was charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the deaths. Beaver is a member of the Ramah Navajo tribe. Many Native Americans live on Indian reservations, which are under the control of a federal agency in the United States, not a state government. Most crimes on Indian reservations go to state or tribal court. But because the federal government has control over serious crimes in Indian Country, Beaver's case went to a federal court. Beaver had a long history of alcohol abuse and driving violations before the accident. He is now serving a 10-year prison sentence after he admitted guilt in court to the involuntary manslaughter charges. Brian [...]
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Can you imagine eating your spoon, fork and knife after you have finished with your meal?

An Indian based company, named Bakeys, has created cutlery that can be eaten.

The company makes its products with three flavours: savoury, sweet and without a flavour.

The edible cutlery could become an alternative to plastic one which has a negative impact on the environment.

cutlery: forks, knives and spoons used for eating.
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Butter up means ...
to flatter someone in order to get something from him or her.
to appologize to someone.
to cheat on a partner.
to seduce women.
2. If your car is a lemon then you have ...
a very expensive car.
a very cheap car.
an ordinary car.
a worthless car.
3. If someone eats like a horse then he eats ...
very little.
a lot.
not very much.
not little, not much.

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We are not talking about a toy car.

The Trabant was a real car which had a steel unibody frame and the roof, hood, fenders and doors made of a hard plastic. It had two-stroke engine and its weight was 600 kg.

The production of the car lasted from 1957 to 1990 and more than 3 million cars were produced in East Germany over that period.

hood: (AmE: the bonnet) the movable part of a car covering the engine.
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When we speak about inventions we usually think of men, but there are also many women who have contributed their ideas to our daily lives.

Josephine Cochran patented her dishwasher as early as 1886.

Mary Anderson was a real estate developer who invented the windscreen wiper in 1903. She got her idea on a frosty day while travelling in a tram. She observed that the motorman drove with the front window open because the windshield had too much sleet.

Marion Donovan is known for developing the first disposable diaper.

sleet: a mixture of rain, snow and ice.
sleet in other languages

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