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"The Waterfall" Henri Rousseau, 1910

Combine the two sentences. Change the underlined pronoun in the second sentence to a relative pronoun such as "that", "who", or "whose". Make sure your adjective clause immediately follows the noun it modifies, even if you have to break the main clause.

After writing the sentences, listen to each correct sentence and repeat it after the speaker.

1. I like people. They are good listeners.

I like people who are good listeners.

2. I bought a computer. It doesn't work very well.

I bought a computer that doesn't work very well.

3. She's a woman. She always eats nutritious food.

She's a woman who always eats nutritious food.

4. This is the camera. I bought it last week.

This is the camera that I bought last week.This is the camera I bought last week.

5. These are the photographs. I told you about them.

These are the photographs that I told you about.These are the photographs I told you about.

6. I notice people. They wear colorful clothes.

I notice people who wear colorful clothes.

7. I finally bought the dress. I tried it on three times yesterday.

I finally bought the dress that I tried on three times yesterday.I finally bought the [...]
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