You can find something new to learn or try daily.  “Daily” means every day.   There are new things here every day.

Daily Lessons, Articles, Videos, Grammar, and Words

Daily English

Daily English

The articles give examples of how people speak everyday English and the meanings - not translations.  They also give situations when you may hear or use the phrases. There is a longer lesson with each of these phrases.  Go to PhraseMix.com for m...
News Videos

News Videos

The news is a great way to learn and improve your English.  Especially your vocabulary.   The news in this section has extra features for people learning English. Some of the news stories have questions, vocabulary, and things to do. News in Levels ...

In the News

News, issues and important ideas.  Daily stories written at the intermediate and upper-beginner level and are read one-third slower than regular VOA English news casts.  Each story has: the written article an MP3 file of someone reading t...

News in Levels

"World News for students of English"   The News in Levels website presents stories with video and text.  Click on the story title or on a level.

VOA Listen and Read Along News

Daily news audio with highlighted text.   Listen and read.  This will help you with pronunciation and understanding English better. Tip:  Watch today's news in your language before you watch this in English. From VOA ListenAndReadAlong ...


Here are excellent tips to help you with English from Fluent U .  There is information, many ideas, and more, to help you to learn and improve your English.  They offer paid lessons for learning Engish and Spanish.

phrasal verbs | daily

There are verbs that have different meanings when put with other words.  You have to learn these, they do not mean the same thing as they look.
Today's Ideas

Today's Ideas

There are new things every day.  Words, articles, word games, grammar, history, people, events, and quotes.

grammar | daily

These blogs have ideas, information, lessons, and exercises on grammar.

idioms | daily

These are idioms, proverbs, and sayings.   They are things that people say that may not be easily translated.  They have more meaning than just the words.  And they are things people say a lot.  There are sayings and proverbs in every language.  These are  ...