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I am a volunteer English as a Second Language teacher. I am not a trained teacher, but I do love teaching. I made these web sites for me and my ESL students. There are things to learn, see, read, write and do. Everyone is welcome!

Being Poor

Being poor is very difficult.  Living in poverty makes many problems.  Every day can be difficult when you do not have enough food, a good home, clean water, clothes or shoes.  It does not mean that you cannot be happy if you are poor. Poverty doesn’t bring unhappiness; it brings degradation. George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Write…

Pope Francis in Kenya 2015

Pope Francis went to Africa in November, 2015.  His first stop was in Kenya.  His plane landed in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. There were many people waiting to see the Pope including priests, Maasai people, and dignitaries like the President of Kenya. “Pope Francis has called for ethnic and religious reconciliation after arriving in the…

Madonna and Child with Saints by Perugino

Pietro Perugino – An early Italian Renaissance painter who developed some of the qualities that found classic expression in the High Renaissance.  Raphael was his most famous pupil. This painting is in The Vatican, in Rome Italy.  (Vergine in trono col Bambino tra San Costanzo, Sant’Ercolano, San Lorenzo e San Ludovico)  Also see:

Fish School |write

What do you think is happening in this photograph? Is this in a field, river, or sea, where is this?  Why do you say that? What do you see? What is the person doing?  What is his job? What are the fish doing?  Are they together or spread apart from each other? Write about it…

Blue Girl from India | photo

    This photo was taken in a small Southern Indian village during the Mayana Soora Thiruvizha festival. The festival is devoted to Angalamman, a guardian deity worshiped in Southern India. Read more: Write something about the photo in the forum.  Click here

Red Splash | photo

  An actress splashes red paint on herself during a protest by Grupo Fazendo Certo (Group Doing Right) and non-governmental organization Rio de Paz (Rio of Peace) in support of victims of violence, in front of the Rio de Janeiro State Assembly. What do you think she is trying to say?  What does her action…