There are many ways to learn English.  Do one small thing every day.

Voice of America

Voice of America Voice of America (VOA) is news, special reports, culture and current events broadcasts by the US government for people around the world.   The broadcasts are in 43 languages and are mainly for people that are outside of the U.S. The we...

News Words

Each video talks about one word.  The words are important to understand.  The words are from news stories, you will hear them often in news programs.   The videos are from Voice of America Learning English.  You can find the VOA page and more videos her...

English in a Minute

Each video is a one minute English lesson.  You will learn about common things that Americans say every day.  The videos are from Voice of America Learning English.  You can find the VOA page and videos here:english-in-a-minute/latest.html There ar...

VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English Videos Voice of America (VOA)  has a big section/site called Learning English .   The website has learning English at 3 levels .  You can use the English site, or the VOA Learning English in your language.  It has special featu...
ESL Podcasts

ESL Podcasts

A podcast is a show that you listen to.  These are podcasts to help you with English. [hungryfeed url="" link_target="_blank" truncate_description="150" page_size="10"]

English, baby! Daily Lessons

Learn English free  with English, baby! "Learn cool English and find friends from around the world!" [iframe name="get" src="" width="500" height="2400" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" ...

YouTube ESL Videos

This section has a few videos from YouTube to help you learn or improve your English.  

Let's Talk

Vocabulary Lessons by Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons 75 videos   [iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfull...

Learn with JamesESL

Basic English Lessons James does very good videos. He is easy to understand and fun to watch.  The topics of his lessons are very useful.  James  is an excellent ESL English teacher.  You can subscribe to his videos on YouTube. From JamesESL ...

Daily Easy English

This series helps to to learn and understand everyday American English.  Each video is a short lesson about a common idiom or phrase.  This is one lesson for you to try.  There are over 900 videos in this series.  New video daily.  See much more and ...

English with Jennifer | Beginners

  by Learn English with Jennifer 65 videos [iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

How to Learn English

"A complete series of videos teaching you HOW to learn English.  Learn how you can learn English more effectively.  I'll teach you what teachers in school do not."  ~JamesESL James is an excellent ESL English teacher.  Check out his page on YouTube.  He...



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