Using Adverbs of Manner. Choose the Correct Answer.

1. Bob drives very choosecareful.carefully.

2. He’s the most choosecarefulcarefully driver I know. answercareful

3. That student writes very choosegood.well.

4. The teachers chooseusualusually have a faculty meeting on Thursday.answerusually

5. Julio Ortega is a very chooseaccurateaccurately translator. answeraccurate

6. Bob complained chooseangry angrily when he was stuck in traffic. answerangrily.

7. Parents should talk to their babies choose nice.nicely. answernicely.

8. When you are choosepolite,politely, you get much better results. answerpolite,

9. I don’t play cards with Jake because he’s too choosedishonest.dishonestly.answerdishonest.

10. In order to drive choosesafe,safely, you need to always use a seat belt. answersafely,

11. You should always dress chooseneatneatly when you go on a job interview. answerneatly

12. This paragraph isn’t as chooseclearlyclear as that one. answerclear

13. The candidate spoke to the people very chooseconfidentconfidently during the campaign. answerconfidently

14. Jessica works very choosehardly.hard. I think she deserves a raise. answerhard.

15. If you are choosesincere,sincerely, you will earn their respect. answersincere,

16. Mr. Brown explained his situation very chooseclear,clearly, so that everyone understood him. answerclearly,

17. In a couple of years, you’ll be able to speak English choosefluent.fluently.answerfluently.

18. Those two waiters are too choosecareless.carelessly. We must talk them about their problem. answercareless.

19. I like those workers because they put up sheet rock very fast.

20. You didn’t write that composition choosebadly.bad.answerbadly.

21. Actually, I think it’s quite choosewell.good.answergood.