Titanosaur in New York |level 1

Titanosaur in New York - level 1

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Titanosaurs lived 100 million years ago. They lived in Argentina. They ate plants. They were 70 tonnes heavy. That is like ten elephants.

People find a titanosaur. They move it to New York. The dinosaur goes into a museum.

It is in a hall. It is longer than the hall. It does not fit inside completely. Its neck and its head run through the doorway into another room.

Every year, five million people visit this museum.

Difficult words: ate (past of “eat”), doorway (a space in a wall to walk through and where a door goes).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.


In Argentina in 2014, people first discovered Titanosaurs, which are dinosaurs. They lived in the forests of Patagonia 100 million years ago.

Source: Titanosaur in New York

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