The Goat and The Mule

– Aesop’s Fables

A man had a goat and a mule.  The goat was jealous of the mule because the mule got more food.  The goat said, “You are treated badly.  You grind at the mill and carry heavy things.”  The goat told the mule that he should pretend to have a seizure and fall into a ditch.  If the mule pretends to be hurt, he can rest.  The mule pretended to be sick, and fell into a ditch.  The mule was hurt.  The doctor told the man to put goat lungs on the mule.  They killed the goat and helped the mule.

Our class conclusion:  The goat was bad. She told the mule to do something bad and ended up dead because of her bad idea.


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