13 Common Social Questions and Answers

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13 Social Questions and Answers

This is an excellent article from FluentU to help get into simple conversations beyond “Hi, how are you?” “My name is…”.  Perfect for everyday and social events like dinner or parties.  Practice with a partner or in a chat on ESL Space Buddies. Click here to skip to the questions.   Be More Outgoing with These 13 […]


Internet English

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The internet has a language of its own.  You use it when you read or write on a blog, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.   There are words, symbols, and letters that have special meanings and purpose.  It’s fun.  It makes reading and writing much faster.  And you can convey special meanings in a […]


Don’t feed the animals

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Over 21 cities in the US have made it illegal to feed the homeless.  Outrageous!  I am sick. Illegal to feed people?  The value and caliber of our society is falling hard and fast. If there is one thing I will always do, it is to escort a hungry person to an eatery and buy them […]