Reviewing the Comparative and Superlative.

“Fishbone Forest” Max Ernst, 1927

1. My brother is talltaller than my father. In fact, my brother is tallthe tallest person in our family.

2. Spanish is easyeasier than Russian. In fact, Spanish is one of easythe easiest languages in the world.

3. Margaret is beautifulmore beautiful than her neighbor. Some people say she’s beautifulthe most beautiful woman in our neighborhood.

4. Martha Brothers coffee is goodbetter than Starbucks. Some people think Martha Brothers coffee is goodthe best coffee in San Francisco.

5. California’s economy is importantmore important than Nevada’s economy. Many people agree that California’s economy is one of importantthe most important economies in the United States.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t smartsmarter than Jerry Brown, however he’s a lot strongstronger than Jerry Brown. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be one of strongthe strongest men in the world before he became an actor.

7. Your Uncle George is funnyfunnier than your Aunt Wilma. I think he’s funnythe funniest person in our family.

8. Your younger brother is sloppysloppier than his roommate. He’s probably sloppythe sloppiest person in the dormitory.

9. Mildred is talentedmore talented than Evelyn. Mildred’s music teacher think she’s talentedthe most talented musician in the school.

10. Your grandfather is generousmore generous than mine. Everybody says he’s generousthe most generous person in our community.

11, That dog is a lot noisynoisier than our cat. That dog is probably noisythe noisiest animal on our block.

12. Yes, I know this radio isn’t very smallsmall, but unfortunately, we don’t have a smallsmaller one. This radio is smallthe smallest one in the store.

13. Linda is intelligentthe most intelligent person I know. In my opinion, she much intelligentmore intelligent than her sister.

14. Our store is expensivethe most expensive one in town. It’s expensivemore expensive than the stores in most cities.

15. The math problem our teacher gave us yesterday is difficultthe most difficult one we’ve had all semester. It’s much difficultmore difficult than the one he gave us last week.

16. San Francisco is nicethe nicest city in The United States. That’s why I live here. It’s certainly nicenicer than Los Angeles.

17. This cereal has too muchmuch sugar. I’m looking for cereal that has a littleless sugar. Can you recommend one?

18. (answer to 17.) I think Uncle Sam is a very goodgood cereal. It has a littlethe least sugar of any cereal I know.

19. “Mad Men” is a TV series about people in advertising in the 1960’s. It’s interestingthe most interesting TV series I’ve seen in a long time. It’s much interestingmore interesting than many other TV series.

20. The location of our campus is convenientmore convenient than before. This location is the convenientthe most convenient one for most of our students.

21. Today, I’m busybusier than I was yesterday. But tomorrow will be busythe busiest day I’ll have this week.

22. Mount Everest is highthe highest mountain in the world. No mountain in California is highhigher than Mount Everest.

23. Historians say that Hitler was badworse than Mussolini. He was one of badthe worst dictators the world has ever seen.

24, Her English was goodbetter than the teacher’s. She was goodthe best English student in the class.

25. Samuel lives in Sacramento. He lives farthe farthest from our school of all our students. Nobody lives farfarther than he does from school.

26. sadThe saddest day of my life was when my father died. I was sadsad about it, but my brother was sadsadder than I was.

27. Alaska has unpleasantthe most unpleasant weather of any of the states. Also, Oregon’s weather is unpleasantmore unpleasant than California’s weather.

28. New York is certainly livelylivelier than San Francisco. In fact, New York is one of livelythe liveliest cities in the world.

29. Tokyo is much crowdedmore crowded than San Francisco. Tokyo, with its huge population, is one of crowdedthe most crowded cities in the world.

30. Angela always wears colorful clothes. Her clothes are colorfulmore colorful than any of her classmates’ clothes. Some students think hers are colorfulthe most colorful clothes in the school.