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Let sleeping dogs lie: one question quiz – lab

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Forming questions:

  • Yes/No
  • WH

Ye –

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It was Halloween, the last day of October. It was October 31. Halloween was Freddy’s favorite day. He liked Halloween better than Christmas. He liked Halloween better than his birthday. Halloween was dress-up day. Halloween was costume day. Halloween was Superman day. On Halloween, Freddy was Superman. Every Halloween, Freddy wore a Superman costume. He wore his red boots. He wore his blue pants. He wore his yellow belt. He wore his red cape. He wore his blue shirt. His blue shirt had a big red “S” on it. The “S” was for Superman. Superman was Freddy’s hero. Superman was strong. Superman could pick up a train. Superman could pick up a house. Superman could pick up a ship. Freddy loved his costume. He wore his Superman costume every Halloween. Everyone said, “Hello, Superman!” to him. He said hello to everyone. People gave Superman lots of candy.



  • belt
  • boot
  • candy
  • cape
  • costume
  • dress-up
  • Halloween
  • hero
  • shirt
  • strong
  • superman
  • wear

Dictation: assign as homework


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