Past Progressive Tense and Clauses.

“Puddle” M.C. Escher, 1952

Write the main clause or time clause to complete the following sentences.

1. I was sleeping when the phone/ring the phone rang.

2. While , he tripped on the curb. cross/the streethe was crossing the street

3. While , it started to rain. we/have/a picnicwe were having a picnic

4. They were watching TV when the blackout/happenthe blackout happened.

5. I was eating lunch when hear/a loud noise I heard a loud noise

6. she/talk/on her cell phone She was talking on her cell phone when the plane took off.

7. While , they saw a beautiful bird.the children/playthe children were playing

8. They were getting off a bus when on the sidewalk.find/a walletthey found a wallet.

9. Jack hurt his wrist while play/tennis he was playing tennis.

10. Rita was brushing her teeth when doorbell/ringthe doorbell rang.

11. We were waiting for the bus when he/start/a conversationhe started a conversation.

12. While , the photographers ran towards us.the plane/landthe plane was landing

13. While Mary was sleeping last night, someone/steal/her car someone stole her car.

14. I was skiing when break/legI broke my leg.

15. The teacher started to cough while explain/the grammar he was explaining the grammar.

16. she/talk/on her cell phone She was talking on her cell phone when she heard the office phone ring.

17. I/write a composition I was writing a composition when my friend called on me.

18. they/walk on Mission Street They were walking on Mission Street when the accident happened.

19 David/hurt his back David hurt his back while he was playing basketball.

20. When the fire started, Sylvia/watch TV Sylvia was watching TV.

21. Sonia was waiting for me when I/arrive I arrived.

22. When the computer suddenly shut off, I/write an email I was writing an email.

23. While I/look for my credit card I was looking for my credit card, my girlfriend paid for the dinner.

24. Tom and I were having coffee when invite me/to his party he invited me to his party.

25. George was driving to work when run out of/gas he ran out of gas.

26. Dorothy was talking to her friend when step/in a puddle she stepped in a puddle.

Past Progressive Conversation Practice, Grammartalk 9HB, Page One