Letters to Joanna

Toni H:

Joanna is in Argentina for the holidays. We all wrote to her in lab. I made a post from them. Mine is first, then her classmates. Excellent work!

Originally posted on In Class:

Hi.  We miss you!  

I am so glad that you are able to be home for Christmas.  I hope the weather is nice and your family is well.  We are still working hard in class, and talking a lot.  It is not the same without you.  It has been freezing cold here for a few days, 23°F.  Today is a beautiful and much warmer day.  

My husband went hunting.  He shot a deer with his bow and arrow.  So now there is a dead deer in my house.  It is cut into pieces and clean, but it is still a dead deer.  Ew!

My husband and I will attend a Christmas party.  The party is from his work, so the people from his work will all be there.  The owner of the company will be there too.  I have to look nice and act like a lady.  I…

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