January 7, 2015 in class

Today was bright, sunny and with cold winds blowing.  There was only G today.   


G loves to read, so we indulged.  She read 2 articles from Voice of America | Learning English that I posted.

I had her write something about each article in her notebook.
Next class we will review her writing.  Then she will put it online in the forum section – on Our ESL Forum.

I will create quizzes from the articles – for comprehension.

New Website

There is a new site I created for reading and writing.  Our ESL Forum http://toni-esl.com/eslforum/

I post articles, issues and photos to generate topics.  I would like to bring English literacy more into focus in my classroom, regularly – with portability, structure, and a place for organizing it.  That means website.  It would be great if we could engage in briefly written, online, debate on a topic.  By that time they will likely be ready to level up to ESL3.  Maybe?

With a website ready, I can be more consistent and organized to:

  • Present material – online and make prints.
  • Create quizzes, though there is a seperate site for that already: Practice Your English! http://toni-esl.com/quiz/
  • Track presentations – what did I already give them?
  • Track writing assignments and progress – they will write final versions online.
  • Give students access to class material, and they can explore for more.  Even outside of class.  Once they’ve finished online, they immediately start searching for more.  Excellent!
  • Get in more computer, writing, and keyboard skills.

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