In Class Mar11, 2015

A great day!  S came back to class.  So we’re 4 today.  It was free form today.  Nothing went as planned, didn’t make it from the first thing:

Review Monday:  I got sidetracked from this.
What did you do in class Monday?

  • We listened to a song.
  • Who was the artist? Pink
  • What was the song title?  Who Knew
  • What was the song about? Per Y – lovers.

Next class, I did not get to discuss the song.  (“Punch in the face” excellent and useful phrase.)


  • To Weigh – You use a scale to weigh things.  At the store, you weigh fruit and vegetables.  You weigh yourself.  for future review: What do you weigh?  How much do you weigh?  What is your weight?
  • To Trick
  • To Try
  • Raw
  • “running low” on something (on a note from the boss at work – good one!)

Finish this list from Ss notes


  • Conjugate Fry, Cry, Try
  • Concept of multi-use words – as Adjectives


Verbs that end in Y.

Simple Present – 3rd person sing. -ies
Simple Past – ied
Finish next class and use in sentences – to continuous all 3 tenses.


Coffee cup v Measuring cup: when they describe “cup”, they’re both adjectives.
Coffee is a noun/thing
Measuring is a verb
Review definition next class:. An adjective is a word the talks about, describes, something.  How something looks, smells, sounds – what your 5 senses can sense.
We did adjective word pairs:
Opposites: tall/short, heavy/light, wet/dry, long/short, thin/thick – things are thick, thin/fat – animals and people are this (fat is not polite), raw/cooked – with things that you usually eat cooked like meat and some vegetables.
– Raw potatoes, ” Toni liked to eat raw potatoes when she was a child.”
– “Toni and Sharon do not like cooked carrots.”
– “Toni likes to eat raw fish, not cooked fish.”
–  We say, “You need to eat fresh (and/or raw) fruits and vegetables”.  We don’t describe fruits and vegetables as raw in a grocers, instead we say, “fresh”.  “Where are the fresh vegetables/fruit?”
Review next class: using the phrase, “The opposite of _____ is _____.”

Examples of words used as adjectives:

Light is a noun, a thing.  It can use a verb.
Light is an adjective – when it describes something.  The paper is light, not heavy.
Example with potatoes…
This started with french fries.  French fries are “French fried potatoes”.  We just say, “French fries”,  unless you are in a fancy restaurant?
How can you prepare potatoes?  Boil, Bake, Fry, Mash
These are verbs.  You can boil, bake, fry, and mash potatoes.
– quick conjugation – simple present.
Verbs as adjectives:
I like to eat ____ potatoes.  boiled, baked, fried, mashed
Use the past tense here (these are regular verbs -ed):  I did not emphasise this as a rule.  Just our examples today.
This means you like to eat potatoes that are made are certain way.
NOT that you like to cook them a certain way.  That would be, “I like to ____ potatoes.”
We could say, “I like to eat potatoes that have been ____-ed”.  But we don’t.

Computer Lab

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