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What are irregular verbs?

Most verbs in the English language take -ed to form the past tense and the past participle forms.  For example:

I worked in New York for many years.

I have worked in New York for thirty years.

Some verbs are irregular, which means they don’t follow the usual -ed pattern.  In fact, irregular verbs are more a matter of vocabulary memorization than grammar, and so you must simply work towards memorizing the words.  Here are a few examples of irregular verbs:

Thomas swam in the lake every summer afternoon.

I had forgotten my lunch appointment, so I got to the restaurant thirty minutes late.

Our teacher taught us about irregular verbs yesterday.

Here’s a list of many irregular verbs.  The ones marked with the following symbol ( ο ) are more often used, and should perhaps first be studied.

Irregular Verbs Beginner

Irregular Verbs Beginner Word Search Puzzle  includes 3 levels of difficulty.

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