Grammar Index

“The Entire City” by Max Ernst, 1937

1. Basic English
Present Progressive Tense
Simple Present Tense
“Yes/No” Questions
Simple Present Tense: Conjugation Practice
Conjugation of “do”
Simple Past Tense
Future Tense with “going to”
Future Tense with “will”
Vukile’s Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz: “Bee Communication”
The Comparative Form: “I’m shorter than my brother.”
Adjective or Adverb?

2. Intermediate English
Past Progressive Tense One
Past Progressive Tense Two
Present Perfect Tense
Present Perfect with “yet” and “already”
Present Perfect, “Yes/No” questions with “recently”, “lately”
Present Perfect: Answering “How long” Questions
Present Perfect: Fill the Blanks
Present Perfect Tense: Questions
Simple Past or Present Perfect?
Simple Past or Present Perfect? Blank Fill
Present Perfect Conjugation Practice
Present Perfect Progressive Tense
More Present Perfect Progressive
Past Perfect Tense
Past Perfect Tense Quiz
Present Perfect or Past Perfect?
Gerunds and Infinitives
Gerund Review
Gerund and Infinitive Quiz
Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verb Practice Two
Correct the Errors
The Superlative with the Third Form Participle. Includes Audio.
Making Questions
Appropriate Responses to Questions or Statements

3. High Intermediate English

Passive Voice
Passive Voice Exercises
Embedded (Included) Questions “Do you know what time it is?”
“Should” Plus Present Perfect – Past Advice
“Must” Plus Present Perfect – Logical Deduction
Modal Plus Present Perfect
Connectors – “So am I” etc.
Future, Real Conditional
Future, Real Conditional “Fill the Blanks”
Present, Unreal Conditional
Future, Real Conditional or Present, Unreal Conditional?
Past, Unreal Conditional
Tag Questions
Using Reported Speech – “She said she was tired.”