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The Statue of Liberty and New York City. The Statue of Liberty is in New York City.

He had finally made it to New York City. They call it “the city that never sleeps.” He had always wanted to live there. He had quit his job in Florida. He loved his new neighborhood. He loved his new apartment. He had used half of his savings to pay for one year in advance. But the apartment was so expensive. How could he afford it next year? He had to get rich this year. “How are you going to get rich in just one year?” asked his sister. That was a good question. He didn’t even have a job. But an ordinary job wouldn’t pay his rent next year. An ordinary job wouldn’t allow him to stay in his nice apartment. He didn’t want to move into a cheap apartment. How can I get rich fast, he wondered. He went across the street and bought a lottery ticket.

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