Embedded/Included Questions

“The Guitar Player” Jan Vermeer, 1672
An embedded or included question is always a noun clause. It is the object of the verb, as in the following sentence: I don’t know where the supermarket is. “where the supermarket is” is a noun clause, the object of the verb “know”. The noun clause must always be in the word order: subject+verb. So, a noun clause can never be in the form of a question.

If it is an information question, (when, what, where, why, whose, which, how much, how many, etc.), the noun clause begins with the question word.

If it is a yes/no question, such as “Is this your book?” The noun clause begins with “if” or “whether”.

Exercise: Change the following questions to noun clauses after the appropriate main clauses supplied.

1. When does the train arrive?
Do you know answerwhen the train arrives?

2. Was Sam in San Francisco last year?
I don’t know answerif Sam was in San Francisco last year.whether…

3. Where’s your brother going to live next year?
I’m not exactly sure answerwhere my brother is going to live next year.

4. What is the teacher’s name?
Can you tell me answerwhat the teacher’s name is?

5. Does this school have a cafeteria?
Could you please tell me answerif this school has a cafeteria?whether …

6. When did the new factory open?
Do you remember answerwhen the new factory opened?

7. Where can I find a good shoe store?
Do you happen to know answerwhere I can find a good shoe store?

8. How far is Oregon from here?
I’d like to find out answerhow far Oregon is from here.

9. What time is it?
Could you please tell me answerwhat time it is?

10. Are there any new employees this week?
I really can’t tell you answer if there are any new employees this week.whether …

11. How much does this computer cost?
Do you know answerhow much this computer costs?

12. Where are the restrooms in this building?
Could you please tell me answerwhere the restrooms are in this building?

13. When did the First World War begin?
Do you happen to know answerwhen the First World War began?

14. How long has Jack been here?
I’m really not sure answerhow long Jack has been here.

15. How did she break her leg?
Poor Maria! Do you happen to know answerhow she broke her leg?

16. What kind of guitar is that lady playing?
I don’t have any idea answerwhat kind of guitar that lady is playing.

17. What did she say?
I didn’t hear answerwhat she said.

18. What was the answer?
She remembered answerwhat the answer was.

19. What movie did we see yesterday?
I don’t recall answerwhat movie we saw yesterday

20. What did you explain in class?
I’m trying to remember answerwhat I explained in class

The following is an excellent video from Learning American English. It has a good explanation of the Noun Clause.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Doh4F0Wvk28&fs=1&hl=en_US]