Comparative Practice. Write the correct word. Check your answer by looking at the drop down menu.

“Snow Covered Road” Claude Monet, 1867

1. I eat too many hamburgers. I should eat healthier food. (healthy)

2. He should study harder and he should get better grades in school. (good)

3. Most dogs are much friendlier than cats. (friendly)

4. I disagree. My cat is as friendly as your dog. (friendly)

5. My parents say I should wear nicer clothes. (nice)

6. Used cars are definitely cheaper than new cars. (cheap)

7. There is one problem with used cars. They aren’t as reliable as new ones. (reliable)

8. In the winter, New York is certainly colder than San Francisco. (cold)

9. But, in the summer, I feel that San Francisco isn’t as warm as New York. (warm)

10. My cousin is more energetic than my uncle. (energetic)

11. My aunts are more generous than my parents. (generous)

12. Our neighbor’s furniture is more comfortable than our furniture.(comfortable)

13. You should vote for Millie Parker. She’s more honest than Bob Green. (honest)

14. Maria is taller than Pedro. (tall)

15. Pedro isn’t as tall as Maria. (tall)

16. Uncle Edward is more intelligent than Uncle Albert. (intelligent)

17. However, Uncle Edward isn’t as rich as Uncle Albert. (rich)

18. Raw vegetables are more delicious than cooked vegetables. (delicious)

19. Judy’s pet bird is more beautiful than Sally’s pet bird. (beautiful)

20. My father’s feet are larger than mine. (large)

21. Today is hot. Yesterday was also hot. Today is as hot as yesterday. (hot)

22. Henry’s new girlfriend is thinner than his ex-wife. (thin)

23. But, in my opinion, his new girlfriend isn’t as interesting as his ex-wife. (interesting)

24. My brother’s suitcase is lighter than mine. (light)

25. My suitcase is a lot heavier than his. (heavy)

26. Your pet crocodile is fatter than he was before. What have you been feeding him? (fat)

27. You live in San Francisco, but I live in Daly City. I live farther than you from school. (far)

28. Steve can’t come to school today. His cold is worse than it was yesterday. (bad)

29. We cleaned our apartment today. Yesterday, our apartment was dirtier . (dirty)

30. Try Mario’s Restaurant. It’s as fancy as Pierre’s Restaurant. (fancy)

31. Also, the food at Mario’s Restaurant isn’t as expensive as the food at Pierre’s Restaurant.(expensive)

32. I’m glad Ted moved next door. He’s a lot quieter than Peter, who used to live there. (quiet)

33. My computer is more powerful than Jennifer’s computer. (powerful)

35. I think you’ll like my new watch. It’s much more accurate than my old one. (accurate)

36. Peggy isn’t as talented as Ginger. You’re right. Peggy is less talented than Ginger. (talented)

37. This car is cheaper than that one. You’re right. This car is less expensive than that one. (expensive)

38. There’s an American saying that goes, “The grass next door is always greener than mine.” (green)

39. There’s a famous saying that goes, “It is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all.” (good)

40. Toronto isn’t as noisy as Mexico City. (noisy)

41. You’re right. Mexico City is noisier than Toronto. (noisy)

42. Roger’s apartment is bigger than Bill’s apartment, but it isn’t as nice. (big)

43. I think we should hire Mrs. Wilson. She’s more polite than Mr. Brown.(polite)

44. I don’t know. Mrs. Wilson isn’t as capable as Ms. Jackson. We should hire Ms. Jackson. (capable)

45. Ms. Jackson is definitely more talkative than Mrs. Wilson. Don’t you agree? (talkative)

46. These ties are more attractive than the ties I usually buy. (attractive)

47. I like this shampoo. It makes my hair softer and shinier than it was before. (soft, shiny)

48. I like this novel. It’s more exciting than that author’s last novel. (exciting)

49. Starbuck’s coffee isn’t as good as Martha and Brothers coffee. (good)

50. This exercise is longer and more difficult than the other exercises. (difficult)

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