Comparative of the Adverb.

For example:

Tom speaks too quickly. He should speak more slowly.

1. Stella speaks too softly.

She should speak more loudly.

2. Marvin talks to his associates too impolitely.

He should talk to them more politely.

3. Steve drives too carelessly.

He should drive more carefully.

4. Tom dances too awkwardly.

He should dance more gracefully.

5. They type too slowly.

They should type more quickly.

6. Dave doesn’t study seriously enough.

He should study more seriously.

7. Evelyn doesn’t attend class frequently enough.

She should attend class more frequently.

8. Our neighbor dresses sloppily.

He should dress more neatly.

9. We understand English badly.

We should understand English better.

10. They arrive at work too late.

They should arrive at work earlier.

11. Amanda doesn’t sing beautifully enough.

She should sing more beautifully.

12. They cook American food badly.

They should cook American food better.

13. Alice doesn’t drive safely enough.

She should drive more safely.

14. Arnold doesn’t work hard enough.

He should work harder.

15. The guests have arrived at the party much too early.

They should arrive at the party later.