Class Plan 6 May, 2015

It poured rain last night.  There was a lot of rain!  My yard is still very wet.  It is clearing up, but it is overcast and cloudy.  I can see blue sky between some of the clouds.  The sun is not shining.  It is still behind the clouds.

Today we will be engaged in activities and some verbal work.  The writing will take up much of the class.

  1. Finish the second Irregular Verbs worksheet and puzzle ADD LINK TO POST for worksheets
  2. Verbal review using verbs from worksheets, definitions – not translations!
  3. Continue writing about the photo, in notebooks: ADD LINK TO PHOTO
  • Review some key words/phrases from last class about the photo, via questions and discussion.  Expand verbal answers and responses into complete sentences.
  • Demonstrate on the board how to link answers to questions into a paragraph.
  • Get either complete answers with punctuation, or ideally sentences linked together – introduce this as step 2
  • Check for and edit for errors
  • Enter work on website ADD PAGE LINK to photo on forum
Future: prepare something about the Nepal earthquakes.  See Breaking News English for text and video – level 2 or 3.

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