Class 29july, ,2015

Last week we went out to celebrate J’s birthday.  It was blazing hot, just like today.


Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where three were walls.

– Joseph Campbell 

We discussed what bliss is – “the highest happiness”

We discussed what the quotes means.  I did ask and lead, but I talked too much.

Get a copy of J interpretation.  Outstanding.


From Very Easy True Stories A Face on Mars

Very short, about the 1976 photo of the “face” on Mars.  And that it is formed by shadows on a hill.

Remember: Earth v earth.  Capital e Earth is the planet.  Small e earth is soil.

Vocabulary with story.

Assigned homework with the story. Review homework



Infinitive – base form of a verb, does not express time

Simple present, part, future.  To Be, To Do

Do as axillary verb in expressing a negative of a verb – don’t

Noun, verb, adjective

Computer Lab

Exercises on the computer – my site

  • quiz for positive and negative of verbs.
  • distinguish noun, verb v adjective in sentences.


 Activities and exercises for speaking.


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