Class 20may, 2015

We still have rain once a day.  Today it has become a little hot and humid.  It is nice to see the sun.


We reviewed Regular and Irregular Verbs.  

  • Regular Verbs – add -ed for the past tense
  • Irregular Verbs – do not add -ed for the past tense
  • We went through examples of each.
  • We created charts for each in the notebook
  • We used columns for present, past, and future.
Future Tense – add “will” to the verb. Example: Tomorrow I will drive to class.


I suggested that they watch the news in Spanish and then immediately watch the news in English.
Watch TV in English.
  1. Watch the news in Spanish for 30 minutes.
  2. Watch the news in English.
  • Watch both on the same day.
  • Watch both around the same time.
  • Watch local news too.
Univision and Telemundo for news in Spanish.
Channel 7 for local news in English.

Computer Lab

We read and listened to some stories on News in Easy English.
Practiced resting aloud.
Fish photo – in the forum of
Finish writing about the photo of the diver and the school of tuna.
Note: login in and registration worked this time!

Future notes

Use stories from News in Easy English to create quizzes for comprehension.

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