Class 1oct 2014


Today we will discuss “love”.  Write questions on the board.  Ss copy and answer verbally.

  • What is love?
  • What kinds of love are there?  How are they different?
  • How does it feel?
  • Does it last forever?


Should, Would and Could


Should is used to give advice and make recommendations and to talk about obligation, duty and what is expected to happen. Reference is to the present and the future. Should is similar to must but is not as strong as must.


If we want to talk about an unreal or unlikely situation that might arise now or in the future, we use a past tense in the if-clause and would + infinitive in the main clause. Compare the following and note thatwould is often abbreviated to ‘d:

  • How would you manage, if I wasn’t here to help you? ~ I’d manage somehow. I wouldn’t bother to cook. I’d go out to eat or bring home a take-away. I’d ask your mother to help me with the washing and the ironing. I know she’d help me.

Nouns and Verbs – handout: “Batty About Bats”

Bats fly. Bats have extra skin. This skin connects their hands, arms and ankles. Why do they have it? The skin forms wings. Bats use their wings to fly. They fly at night to find food. They need their wings to eat.

People sit and stand. Bats hand upside down, even when they sleep. Some bats live in trees. Some live in buildings. Others live in caves.

Find the nouns – which are a person, place or thing?
Find the verbs.
Is this piece past, present, future or in general? 

Reading for Computer Lab.   See 8oct 2014 class/computer lab

Handout: “In Love”
Donna loved her husband. Her husband loved Donna. They were in love with each other. She wanted to give him a birthday present. He was going to be 40 years old next week. She wondered what to give him. Should she give him a watch? Should she give him a sweater? Should she give him a new guitar? What should she give him? She asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said he didn’t want anything for his birthday. “Oh, you must want something!” she said. “You’re right,” he said. “I want your love forever.”
Lab Exercises:  Crossword, Cloze, Dictation
Dictation:  can’t hear computers in lab, I will read.  They will write answers online.
1).  Did she love her husband?
2).  They were in love with each other.
3).  She wanted to give him a birthday present.
4).  He was going to be 40 years old.
5).  She wondered what to give him.
6).  Should she give him a watch?

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