Class 17sept 2014

Meet and greet new students!  I will ask them questions about themselves, see what goes from there – fun and witty commentary.  Then invite answers from others, compare and contrast.   My way to gauge their comprehension and speaking – comfort, ability.  And to set an inviting tone.

This looks to be 2 classes.

Tongue Twister

Tiny Tommy Tortoise talked to Tessie
Turtle on the telephone ten times today


Toni looked at the flag. The flag is red, white, and blue. It has 50 white stars. The white stars are on a blue square. The flag has six white stripes. It has seven red stripes. All the stripes are horizontal. They are not vertical. The stripes do not go up and down. They go from left to right. Toni loves her flag. It is the flag of her country. It is a pretty flag. No other flag has 50 stars. No other flag has 13 stripes.

from:  – There are activities following online – some require listening to MP3s.

  • Explain/ask about the significance of stars and stripes.
  • Change at least one thing – tense or person.
  • Look up their flags on iPad or an atlas – students describe them: colors, designs, emblems – tricky
    *Bring book of flags – explains symbolism.  Bring atlas.  A writing exercise next class?


(follows passage online with links w/pronunciation)


  • To Have – past, present, future, continuous/perfect
  • To Be – past, present, future, continuous/perfect

Word Order:

For this example, teach them Subject + Verb + Object or SVO to help them remember. How the board is organized will also aid your students. For this lesson, be sure to use three columns where column one has subjects, column two has made, and column three has a list of objects.

  • Preview lab exercise:Sentences scramble?  Tricky/difficult/time

Computer Lab

Next class – Based on Flag passage:


Computer Lab:

Explore – Webster’s Online Visual Dictionary  what can I do with this?  It’s awesome.


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