Class 12nov, 2014

Today it was just Ye and me. I planned on doing Present Continuous/Progressive and Ye had homework of similar work. So that’s what we did.


Present Continuous

This is for talking about what is happening right now. There are more ways to use Present Continuous – but we are working with “right now”.

We use To Be and -ing word.
Remember, I am, You are, He is…
We use To Be with an -ing verb.

Present Continuous:

To Study – studying
I am studying.
You are studying.
He, She, It is studying.

We are studying.
They are studying.
You are studying.

To Teach – teaching
I am teaching
You are teaching
and you know the rest.

Making questions with Present Continuous

Notice that the noun and verb switch places for questions in English.

You are working. Are you working?

When you add a Question Word – like What, Who, How, When, Why and Where – you switch the noun and verb the same way.

What? Present Continuous:
We must switch the noun and verb, and then add -ing words.

Eat: What are you eating?
I am eating lunch.

Do: What are you doing?
I am studying.

Teach: What are you teaching?
I am teaching Present Continuous.

Study: What are you studying?
I am studying Present Continuous.

Eat: Where are you eating?
Teach: Where are you teaching?
Study: where are you studying?

(To Do is special in questions. We will study it more in the future.)

Why? When? How? Are used the same way. (To Do is a little different. Do not use it here right now)

Question Word + verb + noun?

Ye did a great job, without help after we practiced a little. Excellent!!


We practiced with part of Ye’s homework. She did very well.

I will send Ya and G a link to the worksheets that I prepared for today. We will do the worksheet next class.  It is easy.  Ye will work on it in 2 weeks.

I need to make online exercises for Questions/Q Words Present Continuous.

We had a very good class. Ye worked hard and it paid off. Success!

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