Choose the Correct Auxiliary

This exercise should be done after the lesson on “Using Second Verbs”.

1. I canmustshouldcan’t understand you. Please, speak slower. answercan’t

2. He don’t canmustoughtwant work overtime this Friday. answermust

3. They mightmusthavecan’t to leave class early today. answerhave

4. You haveshouldoughtdon’t want bring a notebook to class every day.answershould

5. Sam shouldmustshouldn’tought to forget his ex girlfriend and find someone new.answerought

6. You can’tcouldneedgoing take a credit course if you wanted to.answercould

7. They wantlikewouldavoid travel more if they had time.answerwould

8. I always wantmustshouldavoid driving downtown because the traffic is heavy. answeravoid

9. We’re shouldwillgoingcan’t to eat dinner around 7:00 pm tonight. answergoing

10. I maymusthavewon’t to meet my uncle at the airport this afternoon. answerhave

11. Timmy likesmustgoingcan to play baseball in the back yard. answerlikes

12. Steve mightmustcan’twon’t cook spaghetti for dinner tonight. He’s not sure.answermight

13. I canmusthavegoing to fix the washing machine. It’s broken. answerhave

14. Yan Ching canwantslikeshas speak both Mandarin and Cantonese. answercan

15. Maria isn’t home right now. WillHaveCanOught I take a message? answerCan

16. I don’t canwantlikeswill to disturb you, but I really need your help. answerwant

17. We’re mightshouldgoingenjoy to listen to music tonight. answergoing

18. You don’t likewillshouldn’tcan attend class if you’re not feeling well. answershouldn’t

19. You worked 12 hours today? You don’t canmustshouldn’twant be tired. answermust

20. My boss couldn’twillwantshas probably change my schedule next week. answerwill

21. I likeswantoughtmust return my library books today. They’re overdue. answermust

22. You couldn’tlikeshouldcan’t wear your sweater. It’s very cold outside. answershould

23. Steven isn’t wearing his raincoat. It can’tmustwon’tavoid not be raining very hard. answermust

24. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. I mightwantdon’t needenjoy be late for work. answermight

25. My sister really needsmustenjoysought watching science fiction movies. answerenjoys

26. MustCouldWantOught you tell me how to get to Mission Campus from here? answerCould

27. Our dinner guests willmusthavewant be here in about a half hour. answerwill

28. The doctor says I needmustn’tdon’t canought not eat as much ice cream as I did before. answermustn’t

29. We’re afraid we mustwon’tmightlike have a terrible time at Jack’s party. answermight

30. I needmustcan’tshould give my brother a tie because I gave him one last year. answercan’t

31. Our family needlikesenjoysshould to go to the beach every summer. answerlikes

32. Put on your safety helmet or you needsmustmightought hurt your head. answermight

33. My son has a fever. I’m afraid he shouldn’tmustn’tmighthas have the flu. answermight

34. Our students don’t needsmustshouldhave to wear a uniform when they attend our classes. answerhave

35. You shouldmustenjoyought to go to bed early so you’ll have energy tomorrow. answerought