Class 20may, 2015

We still have rain once a day.  Today it has become a little hot and humid.  It is nice to see the sun.


We reviewed Regular and Irregular Verbs.  

  • Regular Verbs – add -ed for the past tense
  • Irregular Verbs – do not add -ed for the past tense
  • We went through examples of each.
  • We created charts for each in the notebook
  • We used columns for present, past, and future.
Future Tense – add “will” to the verb. Example: Tomorrow I will drive to class.


I suggested that they watch the news in Spanish and then immediately watch the news in English.
Watch TV in English.
  1. Watch the news in Spanish for 30 minutes.
  2. Watch the news in English.
  • Watch both on the same day.
  • Watch both around the same time.
  • Watch local news too.
Univision and Telemundo for news in Spanish.
Channel 7 for local news in English.

Computer Lab

We read and listened to some stories on News in Easy English.
Practiced resting aloud.
Fish photo – in the forum of
Finish writing about the photo of the diver and the school of tuna.
Note: login in and registration worked this time!

Future notes

Use stories from News in Easy English to create quizzes for comprehension.

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Class Plan 6 May, 2015

It poured rain last night.  There was a lot of rain!  My yard is still very wet.  It is clearing up, but it is overcast and cloudy.  I can see blue sky between some of the clouds.  The sun is not shining.  It is still behind the clouds.

Today we will be engaged in activities and some verbal work.  The writing will take up much of the class.

  1. Finish the second Irregular Verbs worksheet and puzzle ADD LINK TO POST for worksheets
  2. Verbal review using verbs from worksheets, definitions – not translations!
  3. Continue writing about the photo, in notebooks: ADD LINK TO PHOTO
  • Review some key words/phrases from last class about the photo, via questions and discussion.  Expand verbal answers and responses into complete sentences.
  • Demonstrate on the board how to link answers to questions into a paragraph.
  • Get either complete answers with punctuation, or ideally sentences linked together – introduce this as step 2
  • Check for and edit for errors
  • Enter work on website ADD PAGE LINK to photo on forum
Future: prepare something about the Nepal earthquakes.  See Breaking News English for text and video – level 2 or 3.

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class 4 March, 2015

Rats! I hit delete and lost the day.  I do remember it was rainy and warm.  Crazy, heavy, misty rain.  Like being in a cloud.


The key is, in this case – today, is to stretch out the long vowel sounds.  Not choppy,  like they speak in Spanish.
  • Lots on chip v cheap, slip v sleep, fit v feet
  • Practiced “er”, especially at the end of words (-er, not -or)
    I hate that -er sound, but it’s an important one if you want to be well understood.
We need to do more next, if not each, class – review and more difficult ones.
Were v. Wore,  Warm v. Worm, Hot v. Hat, Caught v. Cat, Hate v. Heat, Hit v. Heat, Neck v. Nick
Vowel Sounds A,E,I,O,U
We did several examples of each.
Including a note that in English you do not always pronounce each letter, especially vowels that are together.
Long v. Short
Name v. Nap
Sleep v. Slept
Time v. Tin
Coat v. Cot 
Cute v. Cut

Computer Lab

Hungry Birds reading passage.

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18jan 2015 Class

Gorgeous chilly, sunny, day!  Though it did warm up this afternoon.  Both Ss today, Y and G.

The Story

A One-Mile Race continued 

  • Each S read the entire story aloud.
  • I asked questions – Who did what? Etc.
  • S used the index cards – in order of the story – to retell the story.


Simple question and answer formation.

Reverse subject verb order.

I asked a question – Ss formed the answers.  Based on the story.

Were there girls in the race?
No, there were no girls in the race. 

Was the race a six-mile race?
No, the race was a one-mile race.

I asked generic questions. Ss form answers. And change person to I.

Are you sleepy?
No, I am not sleepy. 

Are you hungry?
Yes, I am happy.

I present statements, Ss form questions.  Simple subject verb switch, and person.
i am tired.
Are you tired?

Do in questions

Simple Present vs Present Continuous – in general vs right now

What are you doing?  (Meaning right this moment).
i am teaching.
i am studying English.
i am mopping the floor. 

Also can be used for the future
What are you doing __future time__?  
What are you doing tomorrow?

Simple Present Do

What do you do?  This typically is referring to occupation when asked alone.

What do you do on Wednesdays?  In general, each Wednesday past, present and future.
i study English on Wednesdays.

What do you do every day?
I mop the floor every day. 

Simple Past Do/Did

What did you do?  The past is indicated by “did”.

What did you do on Monday?  Use time words again.
i studied Enlgish on Monday.

What did you eat yesterday?  You do not change the verb tense of the other verbs in the question.
i ate chicken for dinner.  You use the past, without do, for the answers.

What did you drink yesterday? 
I drank coffee with dinner.

Yesterday, I ate bread and drank coffee.


Spatial and question/answer forms.

What is this?  About something I am near.
That is a door.

What is that?  I point to something away from me, near a S.
This is my cell phone. 


Started to do Ventures Workbook pg 6, but taught from charts on page 121.

Do Workbook page 6 next class.  Make photocopies of page for Ss.

Create wordsearch using infinitives.  Ss to find tenses in puzzles – the answer is not given as clues.

My sites were unavailable mid-session.  Change site host today: done!

Find or create paragraph from Vatican Paintings.  Create comprehension quiz.

Computer Lab

Continued with last lab.

Y did cloze sentences and sentence word order – skipped crossword puzzle.

G finished dictation, the final segment of the last lab. Went on to do wordsearch puzzles on my site and another story to do the dictation segment.


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Class 4feb, 2015

It is grey and chilly today.  Full class – Y and G.  I will not have time for all of this!  Index cards. Print/Copy story. Add links to this post.

Chat of course, use Grammar exercises.


Simple Present and weather words.
  • Tell us about the weather today.
  • Example: Today it is/the weather is cold and gray.
Simple Past and sequence using first, then, after that.  Or ordinal numbers?
  • Something they did
  • Topics – at work , class Monday or cooked
  • Ss give a time and context, when where then…On Monday in class, last week at workwe did “Today” i.e. this morning…Today, I got up at 6:30 am. Then, I took a shower. After that, I got dressed.
  • 3 steps only
We did “Today” i.e. this morning…Today, I got up at 6:30 am.  Then, I took a shower.  After that, I got dressed.
Simple Future/maybe Continuous? – ask Ss to tell us basic/simple something they will do.
  • Simple review – add Will to verb, maybe – add Will Be for Continuous
  • When?  Next week, tomorrow, etc.
  • Give example using time words above
  • Ss do
Next week, I will go to class. G
Next week, I will get a manicure and pedicure.  Y!
Dictation of questions:  What are you doing?  (And I forgot the others)


  • Passage: Visit the Park
  • Ss i.d. Unknown words and write them down.
  • Identify words – vocab Get the words from Y next class!
  • Read aloud – Ss
  • Review passage for comprehension.
  • I.d. tense of story and what indicates the tense? Ask for Present Tense of verb they picked to indicate Past Tense.
  • Summary – retell story: title, what story is about.
Start here next class:
  • Write words on cards
  • Ss retell story using cards – title, what story is about, retell.

Computer Lab

Next Class:  Go to my quiz site Practice Your English: quiz on Visit the Park for comprehension.

Notes: Future

Do verbs: teach, get, take

Basic questions

  • What are you doing? Past and future.
  • How did you do that?
  • What does that mean?
  • Why did you do that?
  • Where are you going?  Past and future

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January 7, 2015 in class

Today was bright, sunny and with cold winds blowing.  There was only G today.   


G loves to read, so we indulged.  She read 2 articles from Voice of America | Learning English that I posted.

I had her write something about each article in her notebook.
Next class we will review her writing.  Then she will put it online in the forum section – on Our ESL Forum.

I will create quizzes from the articles – for comprehension.

New Website

There is a new site I created for reading and writing.  Our ESL Forum

I post articles, issues and photos to generate topics.  I would like to bring English literacy more into focus in my classroom, regularly – with portability, structure, and a place for organizing it.  That means website.  It would be great if we could engage in briefly written, online, debate on a topic.  By that time they will likely be ready to level up to ESL3.  Maybe?

With a website ready, I can be more consistent and organized to:

  • Present material – online and make prints.
  • Create quizzes, though there is a seperate site for that already: Practice Your English!
  • Track presentations – what did I already give them?
  • Track writing assignments and progress – they will write final versions online.
  • Give students access to class material, and they can explore for more.  Even outside of class.  Once they’ve finished online, they immediately start searching for more.  Excellent!
  • Get in more computer, writing, and keyboard skills.

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