Class Activities Using Much and Many

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Using much and many is very confusing.  Many Americans are confused too!  We will learn how and when to use each word correctly. Grammar Things can be counted. We call them Countable Nouns. Examples: students, books, pencils, dogs, flowers, kites, bananas, cars, apples, teachers, and etc. Things cannot be counted. We call them Uncountable Nouns. […]

Class Plan

Class Activities for Any and Some

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Using some and any can be confusing!  It is not difficult to learn how and when to use them.  The rules are simple, see below.  It just takes practice to use some and any correctly. Grammar Things can be counted. We call them Countable Nouns. Examples: students, books, pencils, dogs, flowers, kites, bananas, cars, apples, teachers, […]


US Senator Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution

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dateline: 10 February 2016/English Club Pre-Listening Vocabulary political revolution: a new system of government Democratic: representing the US Democratic Party (as opposed to the Republican Party) primary: an early vote that helps decide a political party’s leader before a presidential election corruption: dishonest behaviour influence: to have an effect on Listen and Read. [ 1:06 […]


Very Hot Weather in India | level 2

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1-06-2015 07:00  Level 1Level 2Level 3 Temperatures in India soared to 47°C in some parts of the country. The heat claimed 1,700 lives in just one week. It was so hot that even the roads melted. The electricity grid was overused, and tens of thousands of people were left without power supply. Hospitals struggled to […]

Computer Lab

Lab March 25, 2015

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Get headphones today… Sentence order and verb tense games.  Simple see, hear, write spelling.

Plurals.  A story: listen, read, and word search.

Do activity at link below:

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Class 25 March, 2015

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Sunny, breezy, and a little humid today.  Full class.

Conclusion: Did not go to plan at all today.  Saved original plan to repost separately.

We went through thoroughly, with each S giving examples and answering questions.

Class 25 March, 2015


When we say the date we use ordinal numbers, but we do not write them: we say March 25th, we write March 25.
When we say the year we use pairs:  2015 is 20-15 twenty fifteen, 1972 is 19-72 nineteen seventy-two.

What day is it?  This means, “what day of the week is it?”.
Today is Wednesday.

What is the date?  What is the date today?  This is asking about the month, and day in numbers.  That is the date.
Today is March 25(th).  You usually do not need to say the year in conversation.

When were you born?  I was born on November 25(th), 1972.

When is your birthday?   My birthday is on November 25(th).

What month is your birthday?  My birthday is in November.

What month were you born?   I was born in November.

What year were you born?  I was born in 1972.

When do you have class?  I have class on Wednesdays.  I have class every Wednesday.

When do you get up in the mornings?

When do you go to bed?



Some review from Monday class: prepositions of time with in, at, on
We reviewed their homework from Monday – the first section.

We need to do this again next week as written here:

  • in – (time of day, days, weeks) months and years
  • on – a day or date
  • at – specific time, clock times

I was born in 1972.  I was born in November.
I was born on November 23.  I was born on a Tuesday.
I was born in the morning.I was born at 7:30 a.m.
I was born at midnight.

Create exercises for prepositions of time next class.

Tongue Twister

“Whether the weather is warm, whether the weather is hot, we have to put up with the weather, whether we like it or not.”


  • Whether and weather pronounced the same – and are not water or wetter.  Whether/weather are not related.
  • Whether is similar to if.   Whether is used with “or not”.  Do not worry about using “whether”.
  • “Put up with” – tolerate.  This is the simple present, meaning in general.
    I put up with traffic when I drive to class.  I put up with stupid people. :)


whatever else I may have forgotten.


Computer Lab

G and S:

We added this, listen, read, word search for plural forms – do more of these:

Y: The Red Ball exercises. Cloze and sentence order.





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