US Senator Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution

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dateline: 10 February 2016/English Club Pre-Listening Vocabulary political revolution: a new system of government Democratic: representing the US Democratic Party (as opposed to the Republican Party) primary: an early vote that helps decide a political party’s leader before a presidential election corruption: dishonest behaviour influence: to have an effect on Listen and Read. [ 1:06 […]


Very Hot Weather in India | level 2

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1-06-2015 07:00  Level 1Level 2Level 3 Temperatures in India soared to 47°C in some parts of the country. The heat claimed 1,700 lives in just one week. It was so hot that even the roads melted. The electricity grid was overused, and tens of thousands of people were left without power supply. Hospitals struggled to […]


B.B. King is Dead | level 2

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21-05-2015 07:00 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

The King of Blues, guitarist and singer BB King, died. He was 89 years old.

He influenced a generation of rock guitarists and was one of the world’s best guitarists. King performed in at least a hundred concerts a year.

Recently, he had an illness and people took him to hospital. Earlier this month, he said on Facebook that he was in hospice care at home. He died in his sleep in Las Vegas.


There will be a quiz – I will make it today


Difficult words: influence (to change something or to inspire somebody), hospice care (care for people who are going to die soon).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Source:  News In Levels



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Volcano Erupts in Mexico L1 | Quiz

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  Volcano Erupts in Mexico from News in Levels Here is news from Mexico. There is a volcano there. It erupts. Smoke comes out of it. This is the volcano’s 30th eruption. People live around the volcano. They are ready for evacuation. The volcano interests scientists. They often come out to the volcano. Difficult words: erupt […]