Class 4feb, 2015

It is grey and chilly today.  Full class – Y and G.  I will not have time for all of this!  Index cards. Print/Copy story. Add links to this post.

Chat of course, use Grammar exercises.


Simple Present and weather words.
  • Tell us about the weather today.
  • Example: Today it is/the weather is cold and gray.
Simple Past and sequence using first, then, after that.  Or ordinal numbers?
  • Something they did
  • Topics – at work , class Monday or cooked
  • Ss give a time and context, when where then…On Monday in class, last week at workwe did “Today” i.e. this morning…Today, I got up at 6:30 am. Then, I took a shower. After that, I got dressed.
  • 3 steps only
We did “Today” i.e. this morning…Today, I got up at 6:30 am.  Then, I took a shower.  After that, I got dressed.
Simple Future/maybe Continuous? – ask Ss to tell us basic/simple something they will do.
  • Simple review – add Will to verb, maybe – add Will Be for Continuous
  • When?  Next week, tomorrow, etc.
  • Give example using time words above
  • Ss do
Next week, I will go to class. G
Next week, I will get a manicure and pedicure.  Y!
Dictation of questions:  What are you doing?  (And I forgot the others)


  • Passage: Visit the Park
  • Ss i.d. Unknown words and write them down.
  • Identify words – vocab Get the words from Y next class!
  • Read aloud – Ss
  • Review passage for comprehension.
  • I.d. tense of story and what indicates the tense? Ask for Present Tense of verb they picked to indicate Past Tense.
  • Summary – retell story: title, what story is about.
Start here next class:
  • Write words on cards
  • Ss retell story using cards – title, what story is about, retell.

Computer Lab

Next Class:  Go to my quiz site Practice Your English: quiz on Visit the Park for comprehension.

Notes: Future

Do verbs: teach, get, take

Basic questions

  • What are you doing? Past and future.
  • How did you do that?
  • What does that mean?
  • Why did you do that?
  • Where are you going?  Past and future

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January 7, 2015 in class

Today was bright, sunny and with cold winds blowing.  There was only G today.   


G loves to read, so we indulged.  She read 2 articles from Voice of America | Learning English that I posted.

I had her write something about each article in her notebook.
Next class we will review her writing.  Then she will put it online in the forum section – on Our ESL Forum.

I will create quizzes from the articles – for comprehension.

New Website

There is a new site I created for reading and writing.  Our ESL Forum

I post articles, issues and photos to generate topics.  I would like to bring English literacy more into focus in my classroom, regularly – with portability, structure, and a place for organizing it.  That means website.  It would be great if we could engage in briefly written, online, debate on a topic.  By that time they will likely be ready to level up to ESL3.  Maybe?

With a website ready, I can be more consistent and organized to:

  • Present material – online and make prints.
  • Create quizzes, though there is a seperate site for that already: Practice Your English!
  • Track presentations – what did I already give them?
  • Track writing assignments and progress – they will write final versions online.
  • Give students access to class material, and they can explore for more.  Even outside of class.  Once they’ve finished online, they immediately start searching for more.  Excellent!
  • Get in more computer, writing, and keyboard skills.

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5Dec, 2014 | In Class

Today we had a small class.  At first it was G and I.  Then S joined us a little later.

We continued with Present Continuous/Progressive:
(bold texts are links)

Note: place a Try Again button after the questions on The Wind and The Sun

Send link to story w/quiz to L and S via email

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19nov, 2014 Class

Today we have B, G, and S.  Ye has an appointment.  Ya, I don’t know.


Continuous and Progressive mean the same thing.  Sometimes you will see one word or the other word when you look in books or online about grammar, using verbs.

We went through Progressive: Present, Past and Future

We have been working a lot on Progressive Present, so I took the opportunity to add Past and Future.

How to form Continuous/Progressive verbs:

  • We add To Be and a verb with -ing on the end.
  • There are 2 verbs to use : To Be, is a verb.  The -ing word is a different verb.

To Be – some form of it must be used!!!!
remember – I am, I was, I will be… 

After To Be word, you use -ing verb.

Use words like playing, running, eating…

With the 2 verbs together you make Continuous/Progressive
am eating lunch right now. 
I was eating lunch yesterday.
I will be eating lunch tomorrow. 

Remember the Future Simple of To Be is: Will Be.
it is not Will, it is Will Be.

Remember to always use a To Be word.
We never say I eating, I playing…never.  You will sound stupid and confuse people.  Mostly you will sound stupid. (I am joking a little with stupid.)

Class and Homework: 

Worksheets on present Progressive – 2 of them. We will review the worksheets in class next week.
They still forget to use To Be, must watch for this. 

Computer Lab

Next Class

All Present Progressive:

 – Games

The Princess and The Pea in 2 weeks.
I copied the story and made questions to answer for comprehension.
On my Practice English site

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