Class: Monday, Nov. 16, 2015

A wet day today. It rains on and off, sometimes it rains and stops. It is warm, not cold like you would expect in November. I want cold weather to come and stay. I do not like warm days in the late autumn or winter. Reading Our story is from: People and Places. We started […]

Class September 28, 2015

Monday. Today is cloudy, warm and breezy. It is overcast too. The sun peeks through the clouds sometimes. When the sun comes out it gets hot. Conversation about the past weekend. Grammar We talked about sleeping habits and used that for grammar work. Positive simple present and negative, positive simple past and negative. Written. See […]

Class 21 Sept. 2015

Beautiful, kind of hot, day. Clear blue sky with slight, occasional, breezes. Grammar To Have Simple present Negative Question Home work assigned to do exercises and vocabulary from ***** book. 3 chapters.   History The students prepared information about the symbolism of their nation's flag. I pulled up an image of the flag while each […]

Class 16 September, 2015

We started off in an unplanned direction.  I found out the yesterday was Mexico Indepence Day.  So I had the students look up info online about their country’s independence day dates.  History and reference practice. When is independence day? What is the year of indepence? Was there a war? Who fought in the war? From […]

Class 29july, ,2015

Last week we went out to celebrate J’s birthday.  It was blazing hot, just like today. Quote Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where three were walls. – Joseph Campbell  We discussed what bliss is – “the highest happiness” We discussed what the quotes means.  I did ask and lead, but I […]

Class prep 8july, 2015

Reading Introduce students to Voice of America  “Listen and Read Along News”   Grammar Future:  will vs. will be   1). Review: Base form of verb = not conjugated Action verbs Nouns Adjectives   2). [ Future with “will” and “will be” | Quiz | Practice Your English    From my post:  “Future […]

Class 15 June, 2015

Today there were 2 of us in class.  One student, S, was taking the placement exam.  Y and I  reviewed last week’s work with possessive pronouns and determiners.  Wen went through several verbal exercises together. See last week’s post. I created online exercises for this as well. Post link here.   FORGOT PLURAL POSSESSIVE – s’ […]

Class 8june, 2015

Today was bright, sunny, and a bit hot.  It was not bad for June in Texas.  We talked for a moment about the weather.  I asked them to describe it and say whether or not they liked it. Grammar  Pronouns take the place of nouns in different ways. Pronouns are used instead of some nouns […]

Class 1 June, 2015

Finally!  A bright sunny day in Texas.



To have 

  • means to possess
  • this is used with nouns.  
  • to have something.  There must be a thing.
  • Examples:  I have 3 children.  I don’t have children. He has a new car.  

To have to

  • means must do, obligated   
  • this is used with verbs.  
  • to do something.  There must be another verb.
  • Examples: I have to work.  I don’t have to work.  They have to go.

To like

  • means something that you think is good, it makes you happy.
  • must be used with a noun.
  • to like something
  • Examples: I like ice cream.  I don’t like ice cream.

To like to

  • means something you like to do
  • must be used with another verb
  • to like to do something
  • Examples: I like to read.  I don’t like to read.

Computer Lab

“Very Hot Weather in India”

  • Read and listen to the news story
  • Take the quiz

Story and video from News in Levels


Fix quiz
  • One answer is incorrect
  • Need Retake button

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Class 20may, 2015

We still have rain once a day.  Today it has become a little hot and humid.  It is nice to see the sun.


We reviewed Regular and Irregular Verbs.  

  • Regular Verbs – add -ed for the past tense
  • Irregular Verbs – do not add -ed for the past tense
  • We went through examples of each.
  • We created charts for each in the notebook
  • We used columns for present, past, and future.
Future Tense – add “will” to the verb. Example: Tomorrow I will drive to class.


I suggested that they watch the news in Spanish and then immediately watch the news in English.
Watch TV in English.
  1. Watch the news in Spanish for 30 minutes.
  2. Watch the news in English.
  • Watch both on the same day.
  • Watch both around the same time.
  • Watch local news too.
Univision and Telemundo for news in Spanish.
Channel 7 for local news in English.

Computer Lab

We read and listened to some stories on News in Easy English.
Practiced resting aloud.
Fish photo – in the forum of
Finish writing about the photo of the diver and the school of tuna.
Note: login in and registration worked this time!

Future notes

Use stories from News in Easy English to create quizzes for comprehension.

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