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Glossary of ESL terms

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Adult ESL Worksheets and Activties

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Job Interview: A ranking exercise where students decide in groups which are the most important things to consider when interviewing a prospective employee.

Job Interview II: Students make up their own interview questions and interview each other.

The Secret of My Success: Students look at the definition of ‘success’ and then decide the most important attributes for being successful.

Common Interview Questions: Students try to guess the most commonly asked questions in a job interview.

The Martian Colony: Life on earth is hopeless so the students (in groups) try to design a brave new world on mars.

Future Shock: Students in groups try to decide when science goes to far. If you could have a language chip implanted in your brain, would you?

The Purpose of Education: Students look at the goals of our education system and try to improve it.

There Should Be a Law: Students design laws to prevent annoying everyday behaviour.

Giving Advice: One Student chooses a problem card and the other students give advice. Problem Cards should be pasted onto cardboard and cut out.

Going Drinking: A collection of worksheets and activities for teaching vocabulary used to describe relationships.

Retrospective Advice: Students discuss problems that they had in the past and group members tell what they would have done in that situation.

It Depends On: A worksheet.

How Often Do You: A worksheet.

Have You Ever: A worksheet.

Do You Ever: A worksheet.

A New Drug: Students are given a fact sheet on a new drug that is still legal. They must decide if should be made illegal (the drug is alcohol but don’t tell them that).

How Do You Feel: Students examine their tolerance levels for people who smoke, people who spit etc.

Regrets: Students examine the language used to express regrets:

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